THE BIG STORY: Day 1 of e-scooter ban | The Straits Times

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 5, 2019
  • Journalist Toh Ting Wei shares more on the situation on the ground on the first day of the electric scooter on public footpaths ban, and how food delivery companies are helping their workers affected by the ban.

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  • Mickey Mice
    Mickey Mice  5 hours ago

    The infra is not ready and unprepared for pmd but the pmd was allowed. Who caused the deaths? Who allowed the escooters? Who has blood on his hands?

  • Mickey Mice
    Mickey Mice  5 hours ago

    If you can say it's only 7000 delivery guys affected, why not you also say only a minority flouted the rules like speeding?

  • Mickey Mice
    Mickey Mice  5 hours ago

    Most people don't care because they are not affected.

  • jess ting
    jess ting  5 hours ago

    I know pmd delivery riders are trying to make a living , people on footpaths are also just trying to get on with their hectic lives rushing from bus stops , mrt stations , schools, stores etc to their home and so on . Can't people walk safely and smoothly on footpaths designated for people, instead of having to constantly watch out and "siam" "dangers" from infront and behind. Only people who walk on pavements will understand how terrifying it is when pmd riders zoomed past you .......

  • Sam Richards
    Sam Richards  yesterday

    Blame it on a small proportion of morons who ride like idiots. They have destroyed it for everyone.

  • Eric Ng
    Eric Ng  yesterday

    I still see people ridding PMD now... WTF!

  • Kerwin Tsang
    Kerwin Tsang  yesterday

    There are many, many solutions our brilliant government could have tried. Instead, they went with a ban, which will probably harm way more people's livelihoods than the minority of assholes who ride recklessly.

  • Azman Azman
    Azman Azman  yesterday

    Gov cannot think isit? Dont ban lah...let them ride on the road with ither motor vehicle..if got accident then their own fault lah wat isit so difficult..

  • Shahje Das
    Shahje Das  2 days ago +1

    Welcome to 1984

  • Ttakashii
    Ttakashii  3 days ago

    the thing is UL2272 e scooters cannot speed because the max speed is already KEPT at 25km/h,most of the accidents are caused by non ul2272...if you want ban you should ban non ul2272 scooters instead..

  • Yeo Devon
    Yeo Devon  3 days ago

    Think what , ban already also ask for f

    TOH KENG LENG  3 days ago


    DAP DAP  3 days ago

    High pay ma..die die must do mei🙊

  • Splenmikelol Games

    “You are destroying our RICEBOW”

  • Genta Sepriandi
    Genta Sepriandi  3 days ago

    Thats a very big escooter..i thought theyre use xiaomi like scooter but not.

  • Tiancai Koo
    Tiancai Koo  3 days ago

    The ban for more mode of transports will come if pedestrians continue to have the triumph attitude and waiting for bans instead of learning and coping.

    No PMDs aren’t correct, they need to be disciplined but if you’re one of those phone zombies or ignore multiple honking/rings then well... you are at fault too. On share paths, SHARE would means it doesn’t belongs to pedestrians only. There should be give and take from both sides. If pedestrians still don’t learn to give way, then bicycle will cause problems too. Next time prams, electric wheelchair will also be banned because pedestrians can’t be accommodating.

  • Donovan'svlog39_1 50

    Bull shit lah very good. Dispose escooter then got $100. Pls lor, escooter is like way more expensive then $100. You sell on Carousell at lease got good money. Dispose with freaking lta got like $100 ? Simi Sai. $100 do what ? Buy a motorcycle ?

  • Lim John
    Lim John  3 days ago +3

    Long time ago we do not have E/scooter but bicycle live still going on .Frankly say they only make singaporean more lazy n selfish.

  • karebu2
    karebu2  4 days ago

    Everyone sounds dubbed in this video. Haha

  • Mbslm 976
    Mbslm 976  4 days ago

    Haha your minister drive amg and msport but the citizens not even e scooter. Time for change