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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 2, 2019
  • Cool factories, creative factories, and funny moments :3

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    Satisfactory is an FPS open-world factory building sim. You play as an engineer on an alien planet as part of the ‘Save The Day’ program - a program whose goal is to construct a massive machine for a mysterious purpose. Conquer nature, build multi-story factories, and automate to satisfaction!

    #SatisfactoryReact #Satisfactory #BlameSimon


  • Daniel Skrivan
    Daniel Skrivan  2 days ago

    Before watching, I hope that Let's Game It Out makes it on here.

  • Joanna Hammond
    Joanna Hammond  14 days ago

    Got the game 2 days ago, loving it :D

  • The Archivist
    The Archivist  21 days ago

    8:31 perfectly cut screams

  • Adam Rosenhamer
    Adam Rosenhamer  a months ago

    lets game it out.

  • NA NA
    NA NA  a months ago

    We really need a feature like this @3:03 I have been stockpiling old saves so i can make a timelapse of the factories growth!

  • Kiwi HD
    Kiwi HD  a months ago

    Please show us your factory

  • Torben Holzmann
    Torben Holzmann  a months ago

    if you are fast enough, you can fly for a long time with the jetpack and other body equipment

  • JONYghost
    JONYghost  2 months ago

    You should do flyable droneships

  • Niels De Vreugd
    Niels De Vreugd  2 months ago

    Wil the game be playable on xbox one

  • Mr.Cantaloupe
    Mr.Cantaloupe  3 months ago

    so it is called the manta

  • Anders Termansen
    Anders Termansen  3 months ago

    This guy sounds almost like a normal human being!

  • sdggfsh erhaejh
    sdggfsh erhaejh  4 months ago

    pls add some light structrues to this game in the night every thing is so dark

  • Doctor Potassium
    Doctor Potassium  4 months ago

    Surely do a part 2 since Trains and Nuclear has been out for a bit

  • HardstyleGamer
    HardstyleGamer  4 months ago

    You and the studio are doing great things, I love to play the game I spent kind of 700 hours playing it. Much love from Germany.

  • bubu mic
    bubu mic  4 months ago

    Wish I could play the game but I can't...

  • CynicalManchild
    CynicalManchild  4 months ago

    I wish i had this level of efficiency

  • Necro
    Necro  5 months ago

    TRASH GAME RUNS LIKE SHIT........ fact 30 fps on a rtx 2080 i9 5 ghz.... dont build more then 5 conveyorbelts or u run at 30 fps LOL pathetic be warned DO NOT BUY!

  • Sinchez
    Sinchez  5 months ago

    That very last part - I almost spat my drink at my monitor

  • dexterfan88
    dexterfan88  5 months ago

    add Dexterfan101 ....... i need friends to play with!!!!!!!

  • DD&MD
    DD&MD  5 months ago +1

    Hey . I do not want to seem annoying. But when you also release Satisfactory also in steam