Make SURE YOU GRAB the right BOWLING BALL | Do They Roll The Same?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 22, 2019
  • When testing out bowling balls at a demo it is important to know that you have the right bowling ball in your hand. if a ball is asymmetrical. This can make a big difference in performance. Here we demonstrate the difference to show you what to expect. For more information please check us out at


  • Easton Curtis
    Easton Curtis  4 days ago

    What would the flare and reaction difference between a lefty full roller and a normal lefty layout?

  • Typical Male
    Typical Male  14 days ago

    Great video. Had no idea such a small change in MB position could make such a big impact on ball motion

  • dynothane21
    dynothane21  14 days ago

    put the CG in the same place and I want to see the reaction then

  • stormb28
    stormb28  14 days ago

    The weaker MB ball had awful reaction. Would be good on short though.

  • CrazyCatLady552
    CrazyCatLady552  14 days ago

    Every demo that I've been to drills them neutral/stacked so that they can be thrown right or left handed. Mass bias is in or below the thumb hole, pin above the center of the bridge. Just need to remember that you'll get more out of the ball once it's drilled for you.

  • Chris I
    Chris I  21 days ago +2

    That's a big difference and no one I've talked to ever has anything to say about this or even mentions it. Thanks for showing how they're different. Makes a huge impact for me when drilling my next ball!! 👍🏻🤙🏻

  • on1st
    on1st  21 days ago

    If I want to create the early forward roll reaction how should I ask my PSO to drill the ball? Does it need to be an asymmetrical ball?

  • Matthew Hartnett
    Matthew Hartnett  21 days ago

    If you took that right handed ball and remeasured the layout of it like a ordinary left handed ball. What would the crazy layout be?

  • Wayne Hoch
    Wayne Hoch  21 days ago

    Another Great Video

  • Warren Brown
    Warren Brown  21 days ago

    Dang how many lanes has I bowling alley have?

  • Mark Trgovac
    Mark Trgovac  21 days ago +2

    Keep in mind that a company like EBI. Puts the MB in the thumb hole so there is no leftnor right hand ball.

  • Robert Sneed
    Robert Sneed  21 days ago +1

    Excellent explanation 👊👌

  • William Grant
    William Grant  21 days ago +3

    Shepherdschapel com explains whole bible God bless

  • wolverine claws
    wolverine claws  21 days ago +1

    U got a good bowing technique. I’m going to try bowling like this

  • wolverine claws
    wolverine claws  21 days ago

    Dam y’all up early

  • Brandon Atwood
    Brandon Atwood  21 days ago +1

    This might be the first video I have seen depicting that! Very interesting!! So in short, when looking at drilling an asym ball the Mass Bias marker basically needs to be on the same side of the thumb hole as you are throwing. (Right side for right handers, left side for left handers?)

  • kyle moore
    kyle moore  21 days ago

    Your hand looked bigger than a 4 inch span? Cool video as always.