Why Melting Polar Ice Caps Are Showing Up In Canada | Angry Planet | Earth Stories

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 30, 2022
  • Due to rising temperatures, the polar ice caps are disappearing, leading to more icebergs showing up in the warmer water in and around Newfoundland Canada. By tracking the movement and disappearance of these icebergs, we can have a better understanding of Arctic Ice and the rapid changes in climate. Follow along as George tracks icebergs and gets up close to them, climbing them, and swimming under them to better understand how and why they move and melt.

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    On Angry Planet, professional storm chaser George Kourounis continues his global adventure, travelling to some of the most dangerous places on Earth. But this time he’s on a special assignment.

    As the planet heats up, natural disasters are becoming more frequent and severe. From deadly wildfires raging across Australia to deforestation and drought in the Amazon, George experiences the most extreme forces of nature and reports back from the front lines of climate change.

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