Turning A Salvaged Car Into A Street Legal Race Car Part 3

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 16, 2018
  • This has been one of the best budget buys ever! The custom kit car just got a whole lot more interesting. When it come to buying parts for a build, instead of just acquiring then separately why not just buy a whole parts car? With an extra parts car the possibilities become even greater. We have got some amazing things planned for this build thats going to make it unique and one of a kind! Thanks for watching!

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  • Tory Minier
    Tory Minier  a months ago

    My 2003 explorer has heated seats lol and my 2001 Lincoln ls

    KEMPY WPN-LSA  a months ago

    Where's the supercharger belt ? Anyone else see it missing? When he opens the hood 😂

  • Redneck6921
    Redneck6921  a months ago +1

    "How much throttle was that? Half?"
    "That was full"

  • Theshan Singh
    Theshan Singh  2 months ago

    21:51 'But the supercharged one, it has a super charger on it'😂😂😂 lmao can't stop laughing dude!!! Priceless!!

  • Ken Baker
    Ken Baker  2 months ago

    Man y’all gonna kill yourselves in that kit car! Turbo and supercharged? Insane guys!

  • TealcJack
    TealcJack  2 months ago

    You guys drive these cars around without insurance? Just come home with a crashed car and drive it.

  • Don Machuca
    Don Machuca  2 months ago

    Did you guys opt to save the supercharged Cobalt?

  • db6169
    db6169  2 months ago

    Compound turbo set up feed a smaller turbo into a larger one for low and top end power

  • Thorsten Fuchs
    Thorsten Fuchs  2 months ago +3

    Glad not to be your neighbour! 😂 love your channel guys!

  • Err0r
    Err0r  2 months ago

    Why do i have this feeling that the car is going to blow up

  • vargo hoat
    vargo hoat  2 months ago

    man, that sucker is too nice to use for parts, it just needed a little tlc

  • Theo Högling
    Theo Högling  2 months ago

    I realy want a gobling But i love your Chanel !,! But if some body have a engine and some some parts or other stuff hit me up

    DEFUZER21  2 months ago

    What year is this

  • Aaron GEC
    Aaron GEC  3 months ago

    Guys hearing it outside sounds like a electric car

  • Doug Drew
    Doug Drew  4 months ago

    Lol, Freedom Smoke.

  • Simon Germain
    Simon Germain  4 months ago

    HA! You guys are in my hometown!!! :D

  • Jokey Jesus
    Jokey Jesus  4 months ago

    High octane doesn't do shit on cars with no timing

  • Patrick Griffith
    Patrick Griffith  4 months ago

    booo to the driving time lapse

  • JustB
    JustB  4 months ago

    Georgia boys!? Awesome I am as well.

  • wayne goff
    wayne goff  4 months ago

    Don't waste your money on fuel treatments. They don't work!