Light Music - soft, uplifting, work, focus

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 6, 2013
  • This is a light and uplifting music mix, originally released as “Essence N°2”. Soft music you can use during work and focus time. Work, study, concentrate, or: Take a break, let the music do it's magic while you relax, meditate, let your thoughts run free, do some yoga, perhaps have a short but good sleep, or take a minute to just think about your day, your goals, your dreams!This mix is made of the following tunes:relaxdaily N°057; N°049; N°060; N°071; N°056; N°045; N°064; N°063; N°067; and N°065.Enjoy,Michael (relaxdaily music and video creator)Latest relaxdaily music creations: relaxdaily piano sessions: BTS (behind the scenes): relaxdaily channel: way to support what I do: 'relaxdaily' music also on Spotify, Apple Music and selected music services.© music and video: 2013 relaxdaily. All rights reserved.


  • FlamingBoyz
    FlamingBoyz  a years ago +581

    You, you reading this on your screen. I know you have gone through a lot in your life. But I want you to keep pushing on. There is so much to live for in your life. I know that things are hard right now, and that you might be tired of fighting. Yet life is like a glowstick. Sometimes you need to snap before you can shine. So, i want you to keep fighting, to keep being that amazing person you are. Dont let anyone ever tell you that you are wrong for being different, or being a little crazier than others. Dont let anyone tell you that you aren't normal, because no ones normal. The world is full of creativity and you have become one of the main center pieces. So smile on. Keep pushing towards the light. Its waiting for you. Just remember, there is always someone there. You may not notice them all the time, but there is always someone out there looking out for you.

  • Random epic skits
    Random epic skits  2 years ago +743

    Stop reading the comments and do your work :)

  • All-u-can Kitti Chan
    All-u-can Kitti Chan  4 years ago +108

    Being more than friends
    less than lover
    altogether we were happy
    Seeing your blisterung smile
    Gave me, myself and I a great time
    Getting my hopes up
    my heart got plucked
    Getting rejected gave me a hard time
    Seeing u again
    doesn't make me smile
    My heart got broken a thousand times
    like a jigsaw it takes some time
    Everyday my minds been wandering
    What to do with the time on my hand?
    Wanting to be more than just friends
    Thought it seems like you didn't give me even a chance
    a challenge is awaiting me ahead
    Everything I did, was just for you
    My time, my efforts wasted on you?
    That can't be right. That cannot be.
    There's more than friendship at the end of the line
    Did I miss a flag, a sign of love?
    There is always a path I didn't consider
    another long way into your heart
    a shortcut just wasn't meant to be
    a life without goal, it shouldn't be
    I still love u from the bottom of my heart
    a world without you is less than worth
    A broken heart is still a pain
    heavy and sluggish my body is,
    my mind blocked and off limit
    Love is unfair
    it takes a moment to fall in love
    but takes everything you got to fall out of love
    Notice from author: I got my heart broken. Getting rejected after pulling so many strings, I feel like everything I did was a waste of time. I can't help and see her everyday. She still remains the same after the confession. No reactions whatsover. She still wants me by her side. But not as a lover but as a friend. It hurts to be told something like this. I would rather break up this friendship as it is. There is no way I can at this moment. But as times goes by I hope my hearts gets mended a little bit. But damn this girl knows how to make me fall in love with her again and again.

  • Custom Eyes
    Custom Eyes  1 months ago +5

    brings inner peace listening to your music is amazing, thankyou for sharing

  • Crissue Jung
    Crissue Jung  3 years ago +34

    I feel not alone while listening. amazing

  • Ohana Kaapana
    Ohana Kaapana  7 months ago +5

    Great music! It kept me motivated and entertained while still being able to focus and work on homework 👍 😄

  • Big Hit Buda
    Big Hit Buda  3 years ago +169

    Thanks for sharing your music. It's been a blessing. I was feeling kind of down so I was looking for mediationa songs that deal with anxiety and depression. It was all garbage music. However, you attract what you ask for. So instead of looking for depression music, how about looking for something uplifting? That will take care of the troubling times. So I typed "Uplifting, Music, soft rock and this came up. I love it 4 real. I thank you and appreciate your work!

  • Fatrick Stare
    Fatrick Stare  5 years ago +24

    This really helps me keep focus on my schoolwork. Thank you!

  • フェリピーニョ_
    フェリピーニョ_  5 years ago +17

    your music makes me happy.

  • Famous For Games
    Famous For Games  10 months ago +81

    Nice 😎, I did my all maths homework 📚

  • Babette Degner
    Babette Degner  5 years ago +1

    I really love your music - it really can calm me down. Thank you.

  • Sabine Bühlmann
    Sabine Bühlmann  4 years ago +22

    I love your music! Thank you so much for composing it. Not too slow and not too fast, a perfect mix! :)

  • Woroud Awad
    Woroud Awad  3 months ago +3

    you know i am a looser but this song helped me higher my grades 😁

  • Marc Humer
    Marc Humer  5 years ago +48

    WHAT a talent!

  • Anne-Marie AMB
    Anne-Marie AMB  3 years ago +18

    ooo I remember when you was starting out, you sent me this and now look at you flowing and all grown up....
    Awesome Keep on keeping on xxxx

  • SouL
    SouL  3 years ago +37

    Im going to listen to this Amazing Piece untill 12 hits to celebrate my Birthday! Great Work on this piece RelaxDaily! and all the others u have made!

  • Sheila Dinake
    Sheila Dinake  5 years ago +45

    Always the best relaxing music by you Michael so cool you can actually feel it... thank you so much!

  • LearnEnglishESL
    LearnEnglishESL  2 years ago +20

    Thanks for the refreshing and deep peaceful moments. "We have made music a ladder by which souls may ascend to the realm on high." - Baha'u'llah

  • brawlmaster012
    brawlmaster012  3 years ago +135

    Simply marvelous. Listening to this makes homework so much more manageable.

  • Sofia Isabel
    Sofia Isabel  3 years ago +7

    So nice to study! Thank you :) <3