Nigel Farage ambushed by French reporter while casting his vote

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 23, 2019
  • POLLS are now open across Britain for the £150m EU elections we were promised Britain wouldn't take part in - with Labour and the Tories expected to face a Brexit wipe-out.Nigel Farage's barnstorming Brexit Party and resurgent remainers the Liberal Democrats are set to top the polls, which will be open from 7am to 10pm today.Theresa May had vowed to usher the UK out of the European Union by March 29 - but our departure date has been pushed forward to as late as October 31.The latest polls before the polls opened show Theresa May's party on just seven per cent, while the Brexit Party soar ahead on 37 per cent, YouGov showed...Continue reading: elections 2019: Who are the UK candidates, which parties are standing and what are the latest odds? Theresa May will quit TOMORROW, insiders say after Tory party deserts her and Brexit deal collapses: May MUST go immediately after her Brexit deal’s final defeat in June: more about Theresa May: Brexit breaking news to HD movie trailers, The Sun newspaper brings you the latest news videos and explainers from the UK and around the world.Become a Sun Subscriber and hit the bell to be the first to knowRead The Sun: The Sun on Facebook: The Sun on Twitter: to The Sun on Snapchat:


  • The Sun  1 months ago

    All smiles for Nigel as his party looks set to "annihilate" the Tories and Labour in the European Elections. Have you cast your ballot yet?

  • Carmen Flores  29 days ago

    @Matt Smith okay we can't agree on everything but at least you realize that Tommy is guennuine.

  • Matt Smith  29 days ago

    Carmen Flores I actually agree with everything you say, apart from the politician bit..

  • Nick-N-Nels  1 months ago

    Ambushed? Wheres the ambushing? The sun another fake media outlet trying to corrupt nice try 👌

  • bam-skater  28 days ago

    Yup, same as they faked that wee old man being milkshaked

  • Edward Darby  1 months ago

    I thought the French guy asking the question was a top bloke. He asked a very important question, but with respect and allowed Nigel to answer. Journalists take note!!!

  • Paul Richard  27 days ago

    @redic Yeah.... there are some nice foreigners. You don't have to believe everything you see on a Nigel Farage poster.

  • redic  27 days ago

    Edwaed Darby You made a very good point. I am for leaving but I liked the way both men had respect for each other.

  • STACEY ELLIS  1 months ago

    Ambushed ? Naughty nigel was loving it as was the lovely French journalist

  • iamreg1965  a months ago

    Seafko Badwan You plainly haven't been watching the FA Premier League for sometime. Thierry Henry is the highest international goalscorer for France and is Arsenal's greatest goalscorer.

  • Morris Brand  1 months ago

    Politely accosted.

  • Lee B  1 months ago

    Hardly an ambush .Just a question from a journalist.

  • RandomClick  a months ago

    I was half expecting him to throw a baguette at Nigel based on the title.

  • Big Barty  1 months ago

    That's the MSM for you!

  • Jordan Delphe  1 months ago

    "Ambushed"? The reporter was completely civil and asked a sensible question

  • Jordan Delphe  a months ago

    @Sommatore Nero yikes

  • Sommatore Nero  a months ago

    Jordan delphe: That reporter may very-well have been civil but the question was far from sensible. The United Kingdom still is shackled to the European Union and so is entitled to take part in the election. It's a way of showing the spivs of Bruseels what we think of them.

  • jwgeezer  1 months ago

    Love him or hate him, this guy has balls.

  • get2rog  a months ago

    @123 456 Are you really that dumb. If we leave the EU he or anyone else will have an EU pension.

  • Robert Walden  1 months ago

    I hope too be the shortest Mep in history. A truly honest bloke 👍✌

  • Geffo Me  a months ago

    @Sommatore Nero. It was a quip. I thought you guys were against all that PC stuff. You're right in that I don't like him though. He's a lying shyster. But you'll grasp that in time.

  • Sommatore Nero  a months ago

    @Geffo Me: You don't like the man and so wish him harm. Sour grapes??

  • Liam B  1 months ago

    You know, it’s funny we brits, we just don’t care what you frenchies or Germans think 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Oliver  a months ago

    He does. His wife's German, his backers are US and Russian. What a true British patriot.

  • Liam B  1 months ago

    Ronald Crane You should say that to the idiot talking to Farage

  • Wayne Belton  1 months ago

    First comes the European elections. Then the next general election. Farage for PM

  • ultimate Worrier  28 days ago

    @Wayne Belton your understandings of politics is child like. "Why would i only want 27 friends". move to Europe? That's what every british billionaire is doing right now. The ones that pay for your benefits. OK dummy, see if you understand this. if there is less money in the government coffers, it means your benefits go by by.

  • margaret cundall  1 months ago

    If only!