Molly Makes Eggs Benedict for a Crowd | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 23, 2018
  • We tackled every element of the classic eggs Benedict recipe to optimize it for a crowd. Poaching eggs in advance. A hollandaise that will stay luscious for hours. A tray of perfectly toasted, buttery muffins. Yep—it’s all here. This recipe comes together in under an hour and much of it can be prepped in advance, leaving you free to entertain.

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    Molly Makes Eggs Benedict for a Crowd | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  • Felipe Brockveld
    Felipe Brockveld  4 hours ago

    Molly, your hair is stunning! I can’t control myself.

  • Eri' Carey
    Eri' Carey  2 days ago

    Jan 2020 ... geeeeez Molly is there anything you can't dooooo????? Yuuuuuummm AND how good is that ice cold bath???

  • Oj Simpson
    Oj Simpson  3 days ago

    When did she add lemon juice to the sauce ?

  • Guerilla Gurus
    Guerilla Gurus  4 days ago

    No vortex, All the way. I cook two dozen at a time. I watch Brad but Molly is cuter. Sorry Brad

  • John R
    John R  4 days ago


  • Greyfia Sama
    Greyfia Sama  5 days ago

    Brad didn't want any because he was told to shut up haha

  • William
    William  7 days ago

    who has guests for breakfast

  • Grevlain
    Grevlain  7 days ago

    I need to make this. Looks delicious!

  • Kevin Hagler
    Kevin Hagler  7 days ago

    I can tell she's a fan of Kenji Lopez Alt

  • Jack Curran
    Jack Curran  14 days ago

    I wanna marry Molly

  • Jameson Oof
    Jameson Oof  14 days ago

    I would put my eggs in her Benedict

  • Terrence O'Brien
    Terrence O'Brien  14 days ago

    I LOVE Eggs Benedict, but have been afraid to make them until now. Thank you, Molly, for a wonderfully presented and informative presentation.

  • Spank Juicer
    Spank Juicer  21 days ago

    She can strain my eggs anyday

  • Spank Juicer
    Spank Juicer  21 days ago

    Trump 2020

  • Peter Flom
    Peter Flom  21 days ago

    I will probably never make eggs Benedict for a crowd but Molly is a delight

  • Marbela
    Marbela  21 days ago

    That comfort level with a poached egg

  • Cresent and star
    Cresent and star  28 days ago

    Slower vortex ?

  • Eve Evans
    Eve Evans  28 days ago

    I want that whole platter RN

  • jai shankar
    jai shankar  1 months ago

    Molly is really good in handling her anxiety. I literally watch her videos before my interview, it serves as a validation for me that it's actually possible to calm down your nerves. So satisfying to see how easy she makes it look like. Her breathing gets a lil weird though at times, almost like she's gasping, but obviously I am being a jerk now cause regardless she does a great job

  • 4thlord51
    4thlord51  1 months ago

    Her skills at cooking is up there with how pretty she is.....