Samsung Onyx: 2018 CinemaCon Sketch Video

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 30, 2018
  • For more information about Samsung Onyx, visit: one year after offering CinemaCon attendees a first look at its initial Cinema LED screen, Samsung Electronics will officially launch its new Onyx brand at this year’s event. All venues featuring Samsung’s enhanced screen will operate under the “Samsung Onyx Theater” name moving forward. Inspired by the gemstone of the same name, the Samsung Onyx brand alludes to the display’s ability to showcase cinema content with true, deep and realistic black colors. Combining an infinite contrast ratio and specialized low-tone grayscale settings, this pinpoint representation produces brighter and more detail-rich content.


  • Mohammad Hafeez
    Mohammad Hafeez  a years ago +41

    Samsung is the world's one of the best company & my favorite.......

    SARAVANAN KRISHNAN  a years ago +24

    Respect Samsung

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    방수혁  a years ago +29

    Nice samsung

  • Abdikadir Hashim
    Abdikadir Hashim  a years ago +9

    Samsung vs Apple. Which one are?

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  • Brayan Alejandro
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    Samsung s9+ love ❤

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    Samsung is Life🌊🌊🌞🌟

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  • Ahmad A.
    Ahmad A.  a years ago +4

    Samsung just keeps innovating in every department! Can't wait to experience this in a local Cinema.

  • Yash Playz
    Yash Playz  a years ago +5

    I simply love SAMSUNG

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    This is a feature...😍😍😍

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    Really it's a Game Changer in Cinema Screens ..💕💕💕❤

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    Hello Samsung I have s9 plus very satisfied and s8 plus before

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    I love Samsung company. I am working in that company. And everything is very good.

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    Congratulations Samsung. Love you. Keep up bringing such new innovation. #dowhatyoucantdo.

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    #SamsungIsTheFuture 😎

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