Shop Refused to Repair My Salvage Ram 3500 (said hit too bad!) so Towing it again!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 1, 2018
  • I'm rebuilding a 2015 Ram 3500 Dually that I bought from Copart. The shop I normally used refused to repair it.

    Part 1 Bought a Salvage RAM 3500

    Part 2 Shop refused to Repair my RAM 3500

    Part 3 Salvage RAM 3500 Teardown and Cost Breakdown

    Part 4 Bodywork Nearly Complete


  • Logan Adams
    Logan Adams  14 days ago

    Thing is spanked hard.

  • mead 67
    mead 67  21 days ago

    I just watched a video about nothing

  • Craig Jorgensen
    Craig Jorgensen  1 months ago

    A Salvage Title KILLS the value of a car or truck! Nobody wants them! Banks won’t finance them and some Insurance
    Companies wont insure them! As they say...”Take the Kelly Blue and divide it by two”......Maybe someone will buy it then?

  • Terry Cummings
    Terry Cummings  2 months ago

    Why are you in this business if you are not doing the work? Stick to stocks maybe.

  • yensabi
    yensabi  4 months ago

    That fooking music just wants me to start vomiting..........💩💩💩

  • yes3443
    yes3443  5 months ago +1

    This guy is stupid

  • DaddytechEnt
    DaddytechEnt  7 months ago

    Why can't you do the work yourself? you would save a TON of money if you did. If i lived in the orlando area i could hook it up for you with all the tools and such i have but i'm in the Nashville area quite the trip for that sort of thing

  • RIPPER334
    RIPPER334  8 months ago +1

    This cat is an idiot! 🤣

  • Charles Cummings
    Charles Cummings  8 months ago

    If a Tundra can pull a space shuttle then it should be able to pull a 3500😂

  • Bobby Paluga
    Bobby Paluga  9 months ago

    Painfully slow zzzzzzzzzz. Help yourself out, get adult supervision before you deal in evaluating, or buying anything costing more than $50.

  • Kenn Hepner
    Kenn Hepner  9 months ago

    You can legally pull a trailer up to 102 inches wide.

  • Kenn Hepner
    Kenn Hepner  9 months ago

    I assume you did not check the maximum weight capacity of not only the axles, but the rating of the tires. There are times and places where trust in the wrong people can be dangerous to fatal. physical weight limits of the equipment is a dead critical issue.

  • Søren Lund-Hansen
    Søren Lund-Hansen  9 months ago

    hope not all Americans are that stupid

  • zane lile
    zane lile  10 months ago

    Get it in yard, work on it yourself, most of the damage you can repair !

  • william davidson
    william davidson  10 months ago

    I was wondering when the video started if the dually would fit on the trailer. I'v had my dually on my trailer but I had to take one outside wheel off.

    Josh MCELFRESH  10 months ago

    Let the profesionals handle towing and take the trailer back and get your money back to get a better trailer or fix the ram correctly

  • Just Braaap It
    Just Braaap It  10 months ago

    Still a nice truck how it sits. Idk to me they look good.

  • Liberty Patriot
    Liberty Patriot  10 months ago

    why you even bother with a P o S like that?

  • ford nut
    ford nut  10 months ago

    That truck is fixable.

  • ToyManFlyer1100
    ToyManFlyer1100  10 months ago

    Well, you got a 115,00 views outta this...Soo..Mission accomplished...I guess.....Who does this, tho ??? !!!!!