Shop Refused to Repair My Salvage Ram 3500 (said hit too bad!) so Towing it again!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 1, 2018
  • I'm rebuilding a 2015 Ram 3500 Dually that I bought from Copart. The shop I normally used refused to repair it.Part 1 Bought a Salvage RAM 3500 2 Shop refused to Repair my RAM 3500 3 Salvage RAM 3500 Teardown and Cost Breakdown 4 Bodywork Nearly Complete


  • John Coffelt
    John Coffelt  8 months ago +19

    could have taken one wheel off of each side of the rear axle to get it on the trailer

  • Dana Kibby
    Dana Kibby  8 months ago +28

    Please get rid of the music

  • Joe moe
    Joe moe  8 months ago +21

    Good luck getting a "Ferrari/ Lambo" on that equipment trailer

  • phat cat mouse killer
    phat cat mouse killer  7 months ago +14

    This guy is not the sharpest tool in the shed

  • Sharon Silva
    Sharon Silva  8 months ago +40

    Think of the Thousands of dollars that you'd save if you would only do some of the work yourself, wow.

  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins  8 months ago +16

    Should have just knocked that leaf back in place so it tracks straight. This truck will be a learning experience because it will cost too much to fix without doing most of the work yourself but I’m subscribed. Btw could have just took off the outer dually wheel and it would have fit.

  • Paul Ss
    Paul Ss  8 months ago +140

    I'm not trying to be mean I'm just trying to be honest. I think you're in the wrong business buddy. You didn't even know how to pronounce the name of the engine. You don't even know the basic parts of the vehicle. You spend thousands on a trailer that is the wrong size. Paying other people to fix the vehicle you might as well almost buy one that hasn't been in an accident. Maybe cars aren't your thing. I'm just trying to help because it seems like you love blowing money. You might as well burn it. If you don't want the money give it to me LOL

  • Daryl C. Jackson
    Daryl C. Jackson  7 months ago +9

    Doesn't anyone physically measure anything anymore? Tape measures cost about $5 bucks. C'mon man!

  • Maynard Reed
    Maynard Reed  8 months ago +80

    Towing a one ton four door dually pick up behind a half ton pick up not the smartest thing I've ever seen.

  • MuscleTrucker
    MuscleTrucker  8 months ago +5

    Man he better listen to these experts in here since we all know a keyboard turns you into a genius!

  • MNixon359
    MNixon359  8 months ago +7

    I've hauled a few dually Dodges on trailers like that and if the front lug nuts will get past the insides of the trailer's fenders, you're golden, just run the outside duals up to the rear of the fenders.
    If the front tire's lug nuts DON'T clear, but the front wheels will still fit safely on the deck, put boards down on the deck to drive up on, next to the fenders, which will raise the wheels up, to get the lugnuts to pass above the fenders.
    As long as the rear wheels will sit behind the fenders and the front wheels are on the deck, you should be able to get it tied down.
    The engine, front axle, transmission and transfer case would be ahead of the front trailer axle, so there will be plenty of tongue weight to keep it from swaying on you.
    On your frame damage, the 2013-2017 Dodges don't take front end hits very well, most of the time the frame buckles at the rear of the cab, even in a light, but direct, front end hit, which is easy to spot by checking the bed-to-cab gap.
    Also, check for recalls items on this truck, as there are at least 2 recalls out there that will cause the thing to burn down.
    One is the water pump and another is the fuel heater.

  • glenn s
    glenn s  8 months ago +8

    Not to be a jerk or anything but please explain to me why you haven't replaced the spring shock and the shock absorber yourself that is the most simple thing you could do is get the driveline and the spring put back right...

  • Duncan Farquhar
    Duncan Farquhar  7 months ago +2

    My advise to you is to put a used frame and used box on the truck. May want to buy another truck hit hard high up on the left with motor damage and use yours for parts

    Jr ALEXANDER  8 months ago +3

    Salvaged because repair costs supersede the trucks value

  • Tom Slak
    Tom Slak  8 months ago +1

    FFS get rid of the crappy background NOISE!

  • Bobbycat GT
    Bobbycat GT  8 months ago +8

    Arthur Tussik Could do it 😂😂😂

  • sam herrera
    sam herrera  8 months ago +1

    Should get a new hobby,can't work on vehicles shouldn't be buying damaged things

  • ToyManFlyer1100
    ToyManFlyer1100  5 months ago

    Well, you got a 115,00 views outta this...Soo..Mission accomplished...I guess.....Who does this, tho ??? !!!!!

  • haywagon93
    haywagon93  8 months ago +9

    They didn't want to touch it because of the bent frame in front of the leaf spring hanger.

  • zane lile
    zane lile  5 months ago

    Get it in yard, work on it yourself, most of the damage you can repair !