A Fanboy's Note 10/10+ Review

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 12, 2019
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    The Note series was known to be the do-all smartphone phone from Samsung. Note 10 and Note 10 Plus changes all that for the better and the worse.

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  • MineJarok
    MineJarok  10 hours ago

    I am not buying a smartphone without a headphone Jack :)

    Consumers can control the industry
    (bought a Mi 9T)

  • Raul Dias
    Raul Dias  12 hours ago

    when android auto, start to work??

  • Kenny Rene
    Kenny Rene  13 hours ago

    Dude... Seriously. you're on youtube crying over a headphone jack? A headphone jack, dude? In the year 2019, you're crying over a headphone jack? You spent 1,000 on a phone that comes with earbuds in the box.... And you're crying over a headphone jack? I'm so confused...

  • Kenny Rene
    Kenny Rene  13 hours ago

    In a world where everything. LITERALLY. EVERYTHING. is wireless can you believe. that in the year 2019, literally 3-4 months away from 2020. Tech heads are on youtube, crying about a headphone jack. HOLY SHIT...

  • Richard Japos
    Richard Japos  15 hours ago

    Well said. 👍

  • Huwuba
    Huwuba  yesterday

    Hm, better specs than my pc

  • mcgoo721
    mcgoo721  yesterday

    Tot lot! Ha!

  • mmtcar
    mmtcar  yesterday

    But what on earth happens to your voice every time you start complaining?? Your videos are now more complaining in a skweaky voice rather than making reviews or being a critic.

  • Rashed Mahmud Olive

    Best phone getting reviewed by best YouTuber

  • Marcus Schrøder
    Marcus Schrøder  2 days ago

    The flaws you mention is why Samsung's sales Are falling.
    However, I honestly think the best example for colour accuracy in smartphone displays is the Xperia 1, as it legit is so accurate that it was used as a monitor for the Spiderman Far From Home movie

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas  2 days ago

    I should have pulled the trigger and took Samsung's Note 8 $300 trade in offer toward a Note 10 purchase. Oh well

  • Abraham Farhat
    Abraham Farhat  2 days ago

    I'm not a fanboy of fortnite but that exclusive skin got them millions of dollars soooooo not really pointless

  • tuan nguyen
    tuan nguyen  2 days ago

    Curve screen is for look not use

  • Olson De Asis
    Olson De Asis  3 days ago

    I love my s10 plus. The new extra features of note 10 is already updated to s10. Aside from spen, it's the same. I hope samsung releases a real upgrade for the s11

  • xd Mariq
    xd Mariq  3 days ago

    I feel like this year's S series was actually good for people who actually care about features and that's why I got my S10+ and I don't get very bothered by the small hole punch

  • GeneTec
    GeneTec  3 days ago


  • Nier Ghost
    Nier Ghost  3 days ago

    There's one more thing which note 10 dropped which nobody talks about..the heartbeat sensor. Basically note 10 is a downgrade. It's not worth to buy a note 10 with less features for more price. I find note 9 as the best Note ever.

  • Ved Kapur
    Ved Kapur  3 days ago

    Man you're super critical xD though I like it you don't have any biases and are well versed in Ur reviews

  • Im here because im bored

    People walking around with phones pushing $1000 and complain it doesn't have a headphone jack .. you really don't have Bluetooth headphones?

  • Masrur
    Masrur  3 days ago

    Yep! I staying with my note 9, Note 10 is just a scam