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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
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  • Faraz Ahmed
    Faraz Ahmed  a years ago +2871

    Its a continous cycle, they both make responses again n again n again ...
    Then pewds react to both , and roasts both 😂😂😂🔥

  • Charlie Abou Serhal
    Charlie Abou Serhal  8 months ago +403

    Hi random person who is scrolling through the comments
    Have a great day

  • N3OB
    N3OB  7 months ago +394


  • 1o1 Sam
    1o1 Sam  4 months ago +96


  • Kaila Playz
    Kaila Playz  9 months ago +66

    I miss youtube drama 😧

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice  2 days ago +2

    i lost brain cells watching this again after a year what idiot listens to this and thinks this is good content

  • Evie Proctor
    Evie Proctor  4 months ago +43

    I love how he sorted through the trash and called it his content.

  • Areesh
    Areesh  9 months ago +174

    why did he not talk about the bit about the true geordie being neuatral???Because he knows he messed up on that

  • Miguel Goncalves
    Miguel Goncalves  yesterday +1

    see the video but with subtitles in english

  • mars the live
    mars the live  11 months ago +705

    Who's watching after the fight

  • Holden Schmidt Sports talk

    when she said are you looking for KSI that was so staged

  • Penelope Waters
    Penelope Waters  7 days ago +3

    when I thought it couldn't get more cringe, yep you guessed it, I'm all cringed out.

  • sujal kharel
    sujal kharel  4 months ago +35

    Who's here way after the fight

  • Jackson zettel
    Jackson zettel  2 months ago +13

    I never thought I'd have to watch a slow mo version of ksi saying testicle😂

  • animeee fandoom
    animeee fandoom  a years ago +61

    More content for PewDiePie

  • Paul Wade
    Paul Wade  5 months ago +28

    9:56 “quake me Chloe”😁😁

  • Robert Bruce
    Robert Bruce  2 months ago +7

    Man say Respect Women....but women never say Respect Man...
    Doesn't Man need Respect?

  • Ivan Miketic
    Ivan Miketic  4 months ago +18

    8:55 logan just admitted that his content is trash

  • Vampire queen Dancing dads


    When you argue with you teacher

  • Mr.Poops
    Mr.Poops  a years ago +409

    Stop giving Pewdiepie content😂😂
    Edit:350+ likes yey