• sarah squiggle
    sarah squiggle  4 hours ago

    Ksi CAN EAT MY FUCKING ASS !!!!!!😠😠😠👿👿👿👿👿

  • MAFS 82
    MAFS 82  2 days ago

    He litteraly cut out 80% of ksi video cuz just like on stage he couldn't think of anything valid to say back like wot a tosser

  • Aljaž Guzaj
    Aljaž Guzaj  3 days ago

    logan is so fucking shit

  • Harry Singh
    Harry Singh  3 days ago

    Says that he realises his mistakes and tries to improve...........

    *Says shit about gay people*

  • ratchet50films
    ratchet50films  4 days ago

    9:22 am I on drugs

  • Owen Dorling
    Owen Dorling  4 days ago

    This guy is bringing stuff up from 5 years ago when Ksi Is not bring up something u did in January so he can’t say shit

  • Luca MH
    Luca MH  6 days ago

    Your wrong 😂😂😂

  • Riley Hardy
    Riley Hardy  8 days ago

    How to be an adult? Delete your channel

  • Francisco Rivas
    Francisco Rivas  8 days ago

    Nice like ratio 2:1 better than jakes 1:10 like dislike ratio

  • Mako Mako
    Mako Mako  8 days ago

    Bro the biceps ain’t matter it’s the fitness

  • DeAndre Candelario

    Fuck ksi

  • Blazed GALAXY
    Blazed GALAXY  9 days ago

    Who else paused the video to read what the text said?

  • Nobel 117 Out
    Nobel 117 Out  10 days ago


  • Ethan Salazar’s
    Ethan Salazar’s  10 days ago


  • Bannana_ Man
    Bannana_ Man  10 days ago

    LMAOOOO so your saying that ksi should have told his own fans to stop insulting you / your girlfriend, so you want KSI the person that you were fighting infront of millions of people to to fight your battles for you and say say hey guys please dont insult logan even tho hes a massave dick face and im about to punch him in the face in a few days...... your a fucking dumbass

  • Brian Ochoa
    Brian Ochoa  10 days ago

    You need to do 3 things 1.drink beer. 2.Get drunk 3 rage and beet up your friends.

  • A Maker
    A Maker  10 days ago

    So much cringe

  • Ali Lol
    Ali Lol  10 days ago

    Shut up please

  • •CIA•
    •CIA•  11 days ago

    I think of rather Shoot myself in the head then watch this complete garbage, fyi Logan you aren't as strong as you say that you are. bye 😂😂☻

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof  11 days ago

    So we're talking about the mistake Logan made in December but we aren't talking about prostitute ksi?