Trump Brothers Bedtime Cold Open - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 8, 2018


  • John Sims
    John Sims  8 months ago +4456

    Gonna go out on a limb here and say Robert De Niro put exactly zero rehearsal into this.

  • ridgeranch4
    ridgeranch4  8 months ago +243

    Eric saying "I love you" is adorable. Dang it, Alex Moffat. Eric Trump should not be adorable!

  • Ej Devri
    Ej Devri  8 months ago +211

    I wonder if Eric watches these sketches and wishes he had SNL Don Jr. for a brother instead of the real one.

  • CC Copy Cat
    CC Copy Cat  8 months ago +16

    Alex Moffat needs to get an Emmy for his portrayal of Eric. Holy shit he's good.

  • LycanLink
    LycanLink  8 months ago +217

    I freaking love Alex Moffat's portrayal of Eric Trump. It slays me. <3

  • Cooly Cooly
    Cooly Cooly  8 months ago +2535

    Never seen someone stare down a cue card this hard.

  • muellerphyllis
    muellerphyllis  8 months ago +283

    I love it when these guys play the Trump boys.

  • James A Lafayette
    James A Lafayette  8 months ago +68

    Eric Trump is the kind of guy to sell his car for gas money

  • David Lichtenauer
    David Lichtenauer  8 months ago +425

    Robert De Niro isn’t even acting, just reading cue cards.

  • x Xu
    x Xu  8 months ago +73

    Alex Moffat and Mikey Day is certainly under appreciated :)

  • aidan farrell
    aidan farrell  8 months ago +130

    I feel like there was a missed "Baby Shark" opportunity here

  • Ciao Carlo
    Ciao Carlo  8 months ago +230

    Wow, he really didn't know his lines. The timing was so off

  • DynaMike
    DynaMike  8 months ago +15

    "I'm your dad's friend from work." GOLD!

  • Edgar Turner
    Edgar Turner  8 months ago +29

    This would have been better if Mr. De Niro wasn't reading his lines.

  • King of Taco
    King of Taco  8 months ago +3289

    SNL makes Don Jr. seem like such a good brother

  • Lafawnda Snipe
    Lafawnda Snipe  8 months ago +24

    How many times are they going to let DeNiro ruin skits but messing up his lines? He can't even do the live from New York line...He goofs it every time.

  • Alisa Oliver
    Alisa Oliver  8 months ago +46

    Your dad's friend from work. Love it....!

  • Diego Beltran
    Diego Beltran  8 months ago +16

    Aw, I love their relationship so much.
    It’s genuinely lovely.

  • Eduardo Cuellar
    Eduardo Cuellar  8 months ago +64

    de niro needs to wear his glasses

  • My My At Waterloo
    My My At Waterloo  8 months ago +1872

    "Indict, there's no sugar indict coke" LMAOOOOOO