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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 11, 2020
  • Highlights from our 1-0 defeat against Liverpool at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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  • Leonardo Blanco
    Leonardo Blanco  35 minutes ago

    1:42 Kloop boss 😂

  • Cristopher Ramirez
    Cristopher Ramirez  14 hours ago

    you guys are som bootycheeks

    not like arsenal

    but still bootycheeks

  • intoxicated knoxvill

    Fouls and Violence from LiVARpool


  • Blue Wolf
    Blue Wolf  4 days ago

    if kane was in this match it would be hard for liverpool

  • Gary Fearon
    Gary Fearon  6 days ago +1

    Liverpool should have been leading by 4 by the time Maureen decided to get his players out of their own half.

  • edd edward
    edd edward  7 days ago

    Buller son!

  • Are Ngah Clara Casabrina

    Liverpool king football EPL

  • Khayas2s Animation

    Well done you Spurs ❤️😋

    RAME GAMING  7 days ago


  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan  7 days ago

    Nobody can live with this.

  • Daniel chan
    Daniel chan  7 days ago

    did not like

  • Ulda Sánchez Belleza


  • Anh Tuan
    Anh Tuan  7 days ago

    Cố lên. Hy vọng 1 tottenham phát triển. Có 4 vấn đề thấy chưa ổn.
    1. Sự liên kết giữa hậu vệ biên phải và trung vệ phải chưa tốt.
    2. Hỗ trợ phòng ngự từ tiền vệ không ổn.
    3. Thiếu cầu thủ sút phạt để tạo đột biến và hy vọng.
    4. Chắc chưa đi nhà thờ nên xui quá😍

  • purwanto Jimin
    purwanto Jimin  7 days ago

    Parkir bus ala mourinho😂

  • Fuego G
    Fuego G  7 days ago

    Gazzaniga gathers!! Honestly, he is better than Loris, I'm a Liverpool fan and I don't watch Spurs very often but whenever I do he does so well compared to Loris who sometimes ball watch and never tries to dive for the ball. Gazza always tries to dive for the ball or spread his hands to make himself big. He's one of the best number 2s in the epl right now.

  • The Corinthian
    The Corinthian  7 days ago

    Urinho, let's all be honest. you destroy football.
    You're a looser.
    you'll destroy another attack team w/ your sh!t play system.
    Even Italy doesn't want you anymore, their play system si to score, not defend, looooooser!!!!

  • star sport
    star sport  7 days ago

    Liverpool is the best

  • The Navigateur
    The Navigateur  7 days ago

    wow liverpool is very good

  • kanapap Channel
    kanapap Channel  7 days ago

    Lose always hahahaha