Breaking "Sen. Rand Paul Sent To IRAN To Prevent War" / Kevin Wilson

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 17, 2019
  • also "President Trump sends Sen. Rand Paul to Iran to ease tensions" also Get Your Copy of the "Blood Moons & Prophetic Signs" @ also also


  • Tick Tock
    Tick Tock  6 months ago

    Pray for senator Rand Paul and his safety

  • Billy Lindsey
    Billy Lindsey  6 months ago

    Can u see my text

  • Sara Lackey
    Sara Lackey  6 months ago

    War is inevitable because it is prophesied in scripture. That doesn't mean it can't be postponed.

  • Highly Favored
    Highly Favored  6 months ago

    Rand Paul is crazy to get close to Iran...they want war and he is stepping into a bad place.

  • Rebecca Swilling
    Rebecca Swilling  6 months ago

    Got my bible from you Pastor, thank you so much!

  • SpideyVids
    SpideyVids  6 months ago +1

    Good singing voice, Pastor Paul, very good indeed.

  • 343 Gold
    343 Gold  6 months ago

    All of this has been said by the lord almighty forever may he reign in Jesus name amen

  • 343 Gold
    343 Gold  6 months ago

    He says it again around 16:35 to 18:00

  • doctorloveish
    doctorloveish  6 months ago

    pastor im not sure where your getting this info??? but I have heard nothing of this anywhere on line or any other place!! and why Rand Paul?? he's not one of our presidents favorite and he can't always be trusted thats for sure!

  • Ron Fry
    Ron Fry  6 months ago

    They're little impeachment all that did was expose all their games

  • Beumadine Sweevy
    Beumadine Sweevy  6 months ago

    Pssssst. A.I. manipulates ALL Stats, Likes, Views. HINT: "web" = By Design, to Trap Prey, Capture Prey and...Whaaaaaaaaaat?
    HINT: "Windows"= Allows Sight, Both Ways.
    Wake up. "Times Up", the Puppets were blatantly told, to Info us...
    "World Equals in Unity"= All have SAME...No "rich"+Poor, No Social InJUStice, and Peace...because if ya Don't Obey, you be gone...all EQUALLY trapped, Controlled, Watched...
    NW0 Elitist Controllers on Earth = Luciferians, proudly.

  • helen kratochvil
    helen kratochvil  6 months ago +2

    Hello, When people get saved on your program, do you have follow up??... That is so very, very important. God bless you!!!!!!!

  • Marie Koh
    Marie Koh  6 months ago +2

    Praise God! God bless our men and women in the Armed Forces around the world. Praise God!

  • Beumadine Sweevy
    Beumadine Sweevy  6 months ago

    Send ANYbody the Patriots will "trust", eh.
    Folks, does not the Suez Canal, 100 Continuous mi long, with No Locks, SHOW there ain't no 9,666 ft of "official" "curve"???
    C'MON! Open Brain! Lies!
    Open EYES. VERY lazy Sheeple.

  • Jolene Lee
    Jolene Lee  6 months ago


  • J. Bergland
    J. Bergland  6 months ago +1

    Praise the LORD!!!!

  • J. Bergland
    J. Bergland  6 months ago

    Tried to watch this at my parents house and had a hard difficulties.

  • Randy Lawton
    Randy Lawton  6 months ago

    Just want to inform all my brothers and sisters. That one of our sisters in Christ is deceiving's Rapture at twilight. We need to pray for her

  • Aki Cacciatore
    Aki Cacciatore  6 months ago +1

    Trump coin proceeds are going to the Jerusalem temple building stuff to back up all the nasty things that are going on there, according to Steven Ben-Nun. He and Jana say we should not purchase those.

  • Charlene Brown
    Charlene Brown  6 months ago

    I dont get to watch you at night so I have to watch the next day.