Mark Ingram Full Press Conference After Beating Rams | Baltimore Ravens

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 25, 2019
  • Running back Mark Ingram scored a pair off touchdowns in the 45-6 victory over the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football.

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  • Dale Winston
    Dale Winston  7 days ago

    There u go bum 😂😂

  • Kevin Porter
    Kevin Porter  21 days ago

    Ozzie isn't perfect but he nailed it signing Mr Ingram, he is 100% a ravens kinda player.

  • flow flow
    flow flow  1 months ago

    Go Mark

  • Michael Ivanov
    Michael Ivanov  1 months ago

    I love this guy!!

  • 64ohiostate
    64ohiostate  1 months ago

    Really great guy,

  • Marcos Arreguin
    Marcos Arreguin  1 months ago

    Fuk Lamar, Ingram this lil bitches got man handle and Lamar did too pussy ass YOU fools didn’t do shit cuz those refs won the game for you east coast fags 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 NOR C4L 9ErZ Country fuk ravens

  • richard c
    richard c  1 months ago

    What a dickhead. Win a superbowl then you can talk shit.Ive seen too many clowns like him run his mouth and get thier ass sent home first round of the playoffs.

  • Van Brown
    Van Brown  1 months ago

    Well spoken

  • 9erboi 1980
    9erboi 1980  1 months ago

    49ers coming to knock yall off your high horse

    MD3 DA SNIPA  1 months ago

    We miss you Mark!! #WhoDat

  • player 69
    player 69  1 months ago

    Yeah I'm a psycho, Yeah I'm a Psychoooo.

  • J D
    J D  1 months ago

    “If you got a problem, come see me” *loads AR15 wass up playa

  • Derrick Khut
    Derrick Khut  1 months ago

    Too cocky . .. win the super bowl before you can talk..

    SMOKZZZ_LJyt  1 months ago

    Never thought I would be in the mvp conversation thanks mark.

  • Martin Love
    Martin Love  1 months ago

    Great offseason addition!!!

  • Moe Snert
    Moe Snert  1 months ago

    Ravens and Seahawks in the SB

  • Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson  1 months ago

    YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💪Where we at Ravenous Birds/Man Isaiah46:11 at the United House Of Prayer for All People or at the Gym staying 💪 search Uhop on youtube Yah Kingdom and he is sending his Son Back Soon Lets Go 👑 Jackson #8 means New Beginnings Lets Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ravens Superbowl#3 Father,Son,And the mighty Holy Spirit

  • Cleve Stone
    Cleve Stone  1 months ago

    About time the patriots at least got to be in the middle of the bus because they damn sure ain't going to the Superbowl... ☝

  • Aaron Dill
    Aaron Dill  1 months ago

    Lol yo I'm a Patriots guy. ALWAYS have been. But this might be the only time in my 30 years that I'd actually be okay with seeing the ravens take them out in the AFC champ. It's a win win. Go Pat's. But ravens are humbled, yet GREAT, win seeking, hard working, LOVING teammates and players. Nothing but love. Yall ALL are spectacular. Much love and luck/health to you all

  • Harry Muhammad
    Harry Muhammad  1 months ago

    Careful with that media.