MASSIVE BEEF BONE Soup Insane FILIPINO Food at Tagaytay Philippines

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 2, 2018
  • One of the most recommended dishes I received when coming to the Philippines is Bulalo. I knew I had to get this, so I decided to get it from its source, which is in Tagaytay.

    0:45 Bulalo Point

    5:50 Balinsasayaw

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  • Brandon Morgan
    Brandon Morgan  yesterday

    2:48 open the captions lololol

  • goko singhot
    goko singhot  4 days ago

    Ta gey tey?

  • lil meow meow
    lil meow meow  4 days ago

    omg you have so many filipino food content and I can’t stop watching them. 😳

  • h0ely
    h0ely  7 days ago


  • Jeremy Jolito
    Jeremy Jolito  7 days ago

    TaGAYtay lol its Ta-gay-tay

  • Joseph Lapez
    Joseph Lapez  7 days ago +1

    I went there with my girlfriend, it's was incredible!

  • Kenosha
    Kenosha  7 days ago

    I hope you tried the black stomach part of the milkfish. It's what I target everytime!!! The bulalo is just to die for, i think that branch right now is renovating. I visited some time in April and we opted for a different bulalo spot instead.

    Bulalo is part of my childhood. Comfort food with or without rice. Then I finally got it why we always had it on Sundays ( or arroz caldo). It's that Sunday hangover food of the adults!!!!😂😂😂

    Tawilis is really epic. Too bad we have to stop eating it for the meantime. It has become endangered this year.

    Thanks for visiting and for loving your tagaytay journey!!!! Pls come back for more🙌🙌🙌

  • Jethro Par
    Jethro Par  14 days ago

    Thank you for visiting our country sir 🙂

  • Little Dotti
    Little Dotti  14 days ago

    JUST STOP!!! Making me so dang hungry, lol. I want the beef broth and meat. YUM.

  • wicked geekvape
    wicked geekvape  14 days ago

    bird nest is basically bird spits. lol

  • Klay Tan
    Klay Tan  14 days ago +1

    Mike, your next trip should be in Roxas City, The Seafood Capital of the Philippines :) , fresh big oysters, angel
    Wings shells (diwal), pontevedra gay crabs, lukon (tiger crabs), bamboo shells, grilled catfish, baby shark soap, scallops and more

  • Christina Espiritu

    What is the name of the bulalo resturant ni tagaytay?

  • Kent Zu
    Kent Zu  14 days ago

    Hi i living in tagaytay too

  • MrReversed
    MrReversed  14 days ago

    Kare kare

  • emcee quinzel
    emcee quinzel  14 days ago

    If you want spicy...You should have went to Bicol 👌

  • Maui Zeo
    Maui Zeo  14 days ago

    I love the way you eat! Now I'm hungry.🤣

  • Cole Renes
    Cole Renes  14 days ago

    Did he call halo halo the halo (heilo) that goes around your head?

  • Klowita Alzate
    Klowita Alzate  14 days ago

    I’m literally drooling 🤤🤤🤤😋😋😋

  • Kevin GuintoRoy
    Kevin GuintoRoy  21 days ago

    yo eat that karekare with bagoong ON GOD

  • Stormlaughter
    Stormlaughter  21 days ago

    Ugh. I will never eat bird's nest soup :P