What the Fluff? - Magic Trick with My Pets

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 22, 2018
  • My Pets Eat Watermelon - https://youtu.be/FZOO6brscPcIn this video I am going to film reaction of my pets of viral trend "What the Fluff" a disappearing magic tricks...


  • Nido Tahir
    Nido Tahir  a years ago +1469

    You forgot the bees

  • mi tha
    mi tha  a years ago +514

    This Guy is EVERYTHING
    A Cow Farmer
    A magician
    A scientist
    A show host
    A bee farmer

  • C Man17
    C Man17  10 months ago +294

    They protecc,
    They attacc,
    But most importantly they want him to come Bacc

  • Nilguiri
    Nilguiri  a years ago +179

    That's the first time I've seen a magic trick performed for a shrimp.

  • Ashfaq Nawaz
    Ashfaq Nawaz  a years ago +964

    You are so skilled, you even have a cow working as your camera man

  • kdkpt
    kdkpt  a years ago +741

    Luke's is a very good one.

  • Pillepup
    Pillepup  a years ago +996

    This is so cute -
    PASTET <3

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E  a years ago +472

    The iguana was so chill

  • Alex360c
    Alex360c  a years ago +450

    You forgot the mice

  • Praty
    Praty  a years ago +306

    Gemma almost got heart attack HAHAHA

  • Dani Francis
    Dani Francis  a years ago +357

    I love this!!! I love how each of the dogs responded differently! The cockatoo's reaction was pretty funny.

  • Selxa Ras
    Selxa Ras  a years ago +169

    Hugo is way too clever!

  • Kenya Beasley
    Kenya Beasley  a years ago +103

    I never knew he had so many pets they are all so adorable

  • BuzzMoy
    BuzzMoy  a years ago +197

    OH GOD! Pashtiet is brilliant af!! WoW!!!

  • Lord Grebnavs
    Lord Grebnavs  a years ago +56

    It's fun seeing you play with your pets. Thanks for nice video

  • salami mander
    salami mander  a years ago +111

    Camera women got hungry

  • KingBongHogger
    KingBongHogger  a years ago +93

    Cows are just milk puppies.

  • B959695
    B959695  a years ago +220

    He called him pashtet 😘...awwww melted my heart

  • dindog22
    dindog22  a years ago +71

    Luke was the funniest. He had a lot to say

  • V
    V  a years ago +147

    How do the animals understand his accent better than me