$400 AMAZON HAUL AND TRY ON!! These bags are INSANE!!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • Amazon Haul / Amazon Review / Weird Amazon Products / Testing Products from Amazon
    Review Starts Here: 3:07
    All items & timestamps listed below!!! My Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/prettypastelplease

    THANK YOU SO MUCH QZUNIQUE FOR GIFTING ME THESE ITEMS! This is a sponsored video, however I do not let this influence the way I review the products.

    I'm so excited about this Amazon Haul! I was sent $400 worth of handbags by the Amazon seller QZUnique, and they're absolutely insane! Everything is kawaii, pastel, aesthetic, pink and cute, and I think you'll be pretty surprised by what you see. There's 6 Cat themed handbags in this haul, so skip ahead if you aren't interested in those!

    The dress i'm wearing in this video is from YesStyle!
    If you're interested in purchasing it, this is an affiliate link. I'll make a small commission, but you won't pay any extra! http://shrsl.com/12edu
    (You can watch the YesStyle haul here - https://youtu.be/YJWjIOGtOhI)
    Keep an eye out for my Boohoo Pride haul that is coming out in a efw days, and next week i'm posting a massive Wish haul!

    Items Mentioned:
    (None of these links are affiliate links )

    You can use this code for a 10% discount on the bags I feature in this video! Code: "3VSZS3AU"

    (This Amazon store also has a website - https://qzunique.net and you can use this code for 10% off: AUGDEC)

    3:07 Large Black Cat Bag

    5:32 Pink Metallic Cat Bag

    7:33 Blue Metallic Cat Bag

    8:12 Large Blue Cat Bag

    9:19 Suede Pink Cat Bag

    10:30 Black Cat Bag

    12:57 Pink Sphere Bag

    15:59 Silver Camera Shaped Bag

    19:31 Tape Recorder Bag

    21:59 "Birkin" Bag

    27:06 The Best Bag in the World


  • Pretty Pastel Please
    Pretty Pastel Please  a years ago +1024

    UPDATE: Thanks to Leanne who left a comment letting me know that they key to the Birkin bag is actually sitting inside the leather tag!! I would never have known, so thank you for pointing that out! I'm one step closer to looking like a legitimate booty gooroo 😂

  • Nicole Mata
    Nicole Mata  yesterday

    I would get so annoyed with that bird. I love you and I know the bird is gonna stay but maybe a video with just you. So I can focus on what your doing not the bird

  • Courtney Martin

    Please do a video on photography and how to get out there

  • Dynah Freitas
    Dynah Freitas  2 days ago

    😁😁😁 I love this!

  • FlutePlayer777
    FlutePlayer777  2 days ago

    OMG I just found that purse on Wish for $18USD. Different colors but same bag I think.

  • irene santacruz
    irene santacruz  5 days ago

    That bird is the cutest one 🖤🖤🖤

  • Kali Cunningham
    Kali Cunningham  5 days ago +1

    Loved the cat bags, but my fave bag was the one at the end,” you can even wear it as a hat.”
    Im done.

  • Annie Graham
    Annie Graham  5 days ago

    That archi handbag review is so cute!

  • Taylormayd t
    Taylormayd t  7 days ago

    Just found your site recently and had to smile at Archie’s favourite toy , which looks like your earrings . Also have you considered doing a vid on caring for you pastel stuff. I know you’ve said that you’re not a messy eater :) but I find pastels very hard to keep like new . So tips would be good

  • Elle
    Elle  7 days ago

    Birds are impossible to argue with

  • Kya Simons Life
    Kya Simons Life  7 days ago

    The Camera 📸 One was Neat!💜Archie is the Coolest Bird Ever! 😁

  • Maria Cribb
    Maria Cribb  7 days ago

    Blue one like the black one I'm in love with all of them

  • milan lamba
    milan lamba  7 days ago

    the key is inside the tag of the berkin bag!

  • Evie Stylianidou
    Evie Stylianidou  7 days ago

    I loved the last bag!!!!!!

  • Gloria Holbrook
    Gloria Holbrook  14 days ago

    I couldn't pick a color. I absolutely love them all. And I love archie. Bravo to you for having the patience for such an awesome and energetic bird

  • Tori D
    Tori D  14 days ago

    Archie is so cute 😂

  • gay_skeleton_wars
    gay_skeleton_wars  21 days ago +1

    I love how you show that liking pink and pretty colours doesn't mean that you can't then like Pokemon or be into anything other than makeup.

  • MyrnNecromanson
    MyrnNecromanson  21 days ago

    I LOVE THE ARCHIE BAG!!! Where can I get one?

  • Breanna Schmoldt
    Breanna Schmoldt  21 days ago

    The last bag I’m ded

  • MissKickA$$
    MissKickA$$  21 days ago

    a year late but, pokemon team hmmm, I think galarian ponyta, bewear, grookey, seismitoad, tyranitar, and a fire pkm TBD.