Relaxing Music Mix | BEAUTIFUL PIANO

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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  • Epic Music World
    Epic Music World  a years ago +735

    Relaxing Music Mix | BEAUTIFUL PIANO is back for you:

  • RonhiMusic
    RonhiMusic  4 months ago +483

    Hello person scrolling through the comments I just want you to know that you are awesome I hope you have a amazing year

  • Michael Mallory
    Michael Mallory  8 months ago +136

    Such lovely comments here, peoples stories, well wishing and advice. Why can’t we always be like this?

  • Hasnaa
    Hasnaa  9 months ago +152

    I miss my husband and this music makes me remember all the beautiful moments we had together.

  • Lost island
    Lost island  5 months ago +224

    ّIf you are reading this, know that you are blessed no matter what happened in your life .. You Are Amazing The Way You Are .

  • Michael Vignieri
    Michael Vignieri  a years ago +323

    I try to write great piano music like this. I really appreciate the beautiful melodies and songs.

  • Nat Haslen
    Nat Haslen  4 months ago +38

    If someone reading this, keep reminding that you're beautiful just the way you are and guess what love yourself first then everyone will love you <3

  • dapet 225
    dapet 225  9 months ago +447

    Am I the only one doing math while listening?

  • jasmijn ariel
    jasmijn ariel  7 months ago +137

    I am struggling to handle the fast world, happening around me... I am not like that.
    I wanne live slowely and enjoy the ride... But i cant, cause of the daily pressure

  • Lee Vargas
    Lee Vargas  3 months ago +31

    Whoever listening to this and reading my comments, I just want to remind you that you were lucky to see the wonder and beauty of earth..every morning is a new hope. Don't forget to give thanks to all the blessings and appreciate life. We were created because we were beauty on earth. Believe in your self..never ever under estimate the things that you can do..we all die ,do not be in a hurry instead keep on planting kindness while you're still on earth. Compliment others and do not forget to wear your smile:)
    Good Morning!❤️🙏🌾

  • Anastasia Varlami
    Anastasia Varlami  a years ago +69

    That moment when you finally are on the positive side of youtube! A place where my soul can rest and my heart can smile! Thank you for the great music and the video!

  • Daarko Music
    Daarko Music  4 months ago +16

    This music is just so inspiring! Thank you for the upload!

  • Simon Reiner
    Simon Reiner  7 months ago +19

    i cant play piano, but this is just so beautiful!!

  • Kathryn Monsma
    Kathryn Monsma  10 months ago +220

    My days are overflowed with stress. Every step is a struggle. Every smile is a lie. My headaches, nausea, and light headedness have gotten worse, but this makes me relax. I crawl in my room, tired, stressed, and flee with the world and I sit and listen and know it's okay.
    It's gonna be okay.

  • Ariane Delhotel Johnson
    Ariane Delhotel Johnson  8 months ago +51

    I'm currently studying for my A-level exams. I'm so stressed when I start... I doubt myself and feel like time is slipping through my fingers. When I listen to this relaxing music, my mind literally opens up, it clears and I start to develop a healthy balance between being more relaxed and calm as well as maintaining a great level of focus, motivation and determination. Thank you xx

  • jonathan rouse
    jonathan rouse  5 days ago +9

    This is the most beautiful music mix and comment section. I just want to tell u guys that u are awesome!!! Follow your dream and they will come true!!

  • inner power
    inner power  7 months ago +15

    With this kind of music we remember, that we are light and love. We know in this second that we are connected! How beeutyfull is to feel the unconditional love to all the beeings of our planet Earth🌏💖👭👫👭👫👭👫👭👫👭👫💖

  • Sir Rich
    Sir Rich  3 months ago +37

    Listening to this as I sit alone on my window frame. It's raining outside.

  • Music N Adda NTV
    Music N Adda NTV  4 months ago +18

    We live in a world where everything seems dark but some of us need to take a better look outside the window and know that there is some brightness out there. Our world in our heads is what will keep us going so even though the world outside seems dark keep the world inside bright.

  • Steven Sanchez
    Steven Sanchez  2 years ago +159

    Sounds like a duet of Violin and piano