My Pets Eat Carrots

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
  • My Pets Eat Watermelon - the Fluff? - Magic Trick with My Pets -


  • Double Vision
    Double Vision  a years ago +198

    When Hugo's eyeliner wings are better than yours

  • Nido Tahir
    Nido Tahir  a years ago +160

    Again you forgot the bees

  • BeatupBricks Productions
    BeatupBricks Productions  a years ago +216

    aw, they're so cute! I love watching your pet videos

  • Mark Ruiz
    Mark Ruiz  a years ago +120

    Taras kulakov please do a video on how you feed the cows; you always tease us with cows but I WANT MORE COW VIDEOS

  • dindog22
    dindog22  a years ago +22

    I think you should do a video to see if they understand English or Russian better. I think Luke is the cutest

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes  a years ago +90

    I love you Taras, you're so Kul

  • Veronica N
    Veronica N  a years ago +88

    They are adorable but my dog spits out carrots 😂

  • Ezzan Hazeq
    Ezzan Hazeq  a years ago +14

    After i watched this video...i straight away went my fridge and took

  • dafnahhh
    dafnahhh  a years ago +29


  • Veronica N
    Veronica N  a years ago +55

    I love lukeee 😍❤️

  • Nknown
    Nknown  a years ago +25

    Carrot to make you grow big and strong 💪💪💪

  • Ben Jamil Reed
    Ben Jamil Reed  a years ago +5

    Why do people call Gus pashtet? I thought it meant pâté??

  • mjhonold
    mjhonold  a years ago +31

    Awww your babies are so cute eating carrots!!

  • Fluffymonkeyem
    Fluffymonkeyem  a years ago +13

    I love seeing the cute lizard getting petted!

  • Amine BM
    Amine BM  a years ago +9

    pls record the dogs when they learn how to use the water fountain

  • Dreamless shadow
    Dreamless shadow  a years ago +7

    Iam eating Carrot while watching this video

  • Clutchi ii
    Clutchi ii  a years ago +12

    Ahh.. yoy should’ve done the rats. They’re so cute when chewing on stuff

  • Lovey Valencia
    Lovey Valencia  a years ago +8

    Awwww Gus couldn't bite the carrot 😭 so cute

  • Jose Sousa
    Jose Sousa  a years ago +12

    I love these dogs 💚💛💜

  • Erika Contreras
    Erika Contreras  a years ago +3

    Watching animals eat is relaxing