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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 24, 2018
  • The Test Kitchen's own Brad Leone breaks down everything you need to know about using a sous vide. This sous vide machine is the best we've ever used, and it's the perfect gift for the kitchen explorer in your life.Read our review here: haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► BON APPÉTITCook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. Stay current on the latest food trends, dining destinations, and hosting ideas. Brad Makes Sous Vide Steak | Kitchen Basics | Bon Appetit


  • Lee  1 years ago

    I had to mentally superimpose “wourder” every time Brad said water...

  • 2Kvids 50subs  1 months ago

    @Pauly Paul woo ah

  • Pauly Paul  1 months ago

    It passed over my head, but I'm British and our accent is often confused with Australian accents by Americans. I guess it does sound similar to the way I (or Aussies) would pronounce it). I think his accent is an example of non-rhotic speech common on Britain, Australia/New Zealand, and New England.As a Brit, I generally can't detect it as we have been exposed to American TV and movies for years, so to us it is just a variant of American English.Having replayed it, I can detect non-rhoticity in h...

  • Sweet Puicy Marlene  2 months ago

    This is calm and professional corporate Brad

  • I see Brad, I like it.

  • Nicholas Aulger  1 years ago

    "Ow you hit my eye!" *Chewbacca sound*

  • Kale Spina  1 months ago

    Thought this was a That 70s Show reference

  • Mary Rooney  1 years ago

    "I'm Brad Leone from Bon Apatitty... let's do that again." 😂😂

  • MiaSt  1 years ago

    Bon Appetitty

  • newthrash1221  6 months ago

    MiaSt I’d like to bon your appetitty.

  • Nicolle  1 years ago

    I love me some Brad but the dream team's just not the same without Vinny and The Editor

  • Justaname  6 months ago

    Matthew Chow I agree. He is the favorite. I noticed the gay gay with the dark beard the editor always looks jealous at Brad and rolls his eyes at him. Don't know if he wants to make love to Brad or kill him. Lol

  • Victor Reyna  7 months ago

    YESSSS where they at!!!

  • “I’m a big fan of the Juul.”-brad

  • Nitrospam  3 months ago

    everyone is using their juuls wrong. They're for sous vide

  • Tia Leung  4 months ago

    Bethanie Higginbotham r/woooooosh

  • C Shears  1 years ago

    Took me multiple wourders to realize this wasn't an It's Alive episode

  • 2010stoof  6 months ago

    One change. When he says these have been in for 2.5 hours the bubble that popped up said change time to change doneness.Time only changes tenderness and how much the connective tissue breaks down. You want it more done, change temperature of water.

  • sminstudios  13 days ago

    Steaks? Choose time according to *thickness*. Thicker takes longer to get evenly to the desired temperature. But this is how you can get a 3-inch thick ribeye (get the big prime ribeye roast from Costco and cut it up!) to a perfect mid-rare or what have you. It’s the tough cuts that you want to sous vide for a long time to break down the chewy bits...

  • Riam  1 months ago

    If anything, the problem is that "doneness" for meat is used to describe juiciness vis a vis color, rather than texture, hygiene, etc which is rather arbitrary rather than any typical meaning of the term "done" other than by sheer correlation with a one temperature steak cooking approach.

  • IceFIsh  1 years ago

    Where is Vin? This is to serious! I come here for Brad and Vin banter