Copart Walk Around + Carnage 11/20/18 I Almost Puked!!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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  • Hayes5oh
    Hayes5oh  8 months ago +25

    “Don’t worry I won’t put you in the video” Gets thumbnailed lmao

  • Gonzo 59
    Gonzo 59  9 months ago +23

    you already said it was a Corvette when you walked behind the Mercedes as you were drooling over how much you want one.

  • Caden N.
    Caden N.  9 months ago +37

    The Ford Fusion would be a great car for someone after it’s fixed up!

  • gosportjamie
    gosportjamie  9 months ago +33

    That Nissan 300ZX convertible has the looks of having been someone's summer toy, probably an older person with it being donated. It's clearly been garaged most of its life so there's probably a really good car there after a good clean up and service, quite probably with a really good service history. Buy it now, stick it in the garage over winter and sell it in the spring and there's probably a really decent profit there. If it was a manual, a turbo, a coupe or any combination of them it very likely would have sold instantly. Not a lot of people know that Nissan sold a factory rag top version as not many were sold, they were seriously expensive, and most that were will have been driven into the ground long ago so a nice, clean one, even if it is an auto, is likely to attract decent attention. It's better to have a good car with the wrong transmission than have a rough car with the right trans. If someone's keen enough I can't imagine it would be too hard to put a manual box and even a turbo engine in it, though a survivor car like this would be better enjoyed as it is. Like with all Z-cars it's probably only a matter of time before the prices start climbing quickly...

  • bill nalder
    bill nalder  9 months ago +17

    Squeek, grrrrr, growl- "and the door opens just fine"!!! haha

  • Seth Harris
    Seth Harris  9 months ago +16

    Go for the Fusion I would love to see that get fixed up

  • Manfred Georg Burggraf
    Manfred Georg Burggraf  9 months ago +48

    Hopefully Jessica doesnt see the video :D

  • Jack Previte
    Jack Previte  9 months ago +17

    You’re gonna use the Cadillac for the engine

  • TheGamingToast
    TheGamingToast  9 months ago +18

    When you are so early the quality is 144p

  • Hunters Garage
    Hunters Garage  9 months ago +10

    I want that Oldsmobile! My dad had one back in the day damn good cars!

  • Chase Nixon
    Chase Nixon  9 months ago +9

    I am betting that Old's with the new thermostat has a blown head gasket. I would start it before I bought it!

  • Papi Uuhmelmehahay
    Papi Uuhmelmehahay  9 months ago +10

    I'd have to nab that Grand Marquis. That's a one day fix!

  • domination5281
    domination5281  9 months ago +5

    Just bought an 01 olds intrigued, 170k on it. Replaced the battery. Just need to high speed buff it. Paid $1300. Its in really good condition.

  • David Rubin
    David Rubin  9 months ago +10

    Good afternoon. Another great video. The fusion and grand marquis are good cars. Too bad about the burned up vette.

  • Steve Waller
    Steve Waller  9 months ago +18

    I almost puked, so went back a second time and then a third..... Buy that Nissan, it needs rescue, it even says it on the back, save it please.

  • CK
    CK  9 months ago +7

    That ford fusion looks great hope you can get it randy

  • Julian 7160
    Julian 7160  8 months ago +4

    Sucks they lost all their food I just hope they was ok

  • T Omar
    T Omar  9 months ago +12

    Cadillac srx is nice awesome project car let's get it done

  • Polaris. Rbx
    Polaris. Rbx  9 months ago +4

    That Oldsmobile look sketch. New tires and liquids..... hm...

  • timothy fritsch
    timothy fritsch  8 months ago +1

    because your srx already passed 300,000 miles