Space Gray Tesla Model S Wrap!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 2, 2017
  • Shot on iPhone X and iPhone 8 over a couple of days.Colors: Satin Dark Grey S261 body and Satin Black S12.Shout-out to: Gear I use: byThe PhoenixChoo Choo by Alltta~


  • Максим
    Максим  a years ago +1827

    Meanwhile I can't even put a screen protector on properly...

  • Raj Sodhi
    Raj Sodhi  a years ago +1052

    this man likes his dbrand so much he puts one on his car

  • Du'An Lightfoot
    Du'An Lightfoot  a years ago +215

    Man that’s clean!!!!

  • Bartosz Olszewski
    Bartosz Olszewski  a years ago +125

    I'm not a car guy but damn does this look sexy

  • Tanishq Gupta
    Tanishq Gupta  a years ago +219

    After wrapping up it looks awesome

  • Emhyr Subramanian
    Emhyr Subramanian  a years ago +63

    Wow the video quality is surprisingly amazing!! Especially with the X

  • Avin 0_0
    Avin 0_0  a years ago +311

    It looks like future car

  • Marky Shaw
    Marky Shaw  a years ago +370

    Wow. That looks DOPE! So was that music too. Does anybody know what those songs were?

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker  a years ago +34

    O. My. God. It looks so good. The car, I wasn't paying attention to which camera was being used.

  • Ramon McNally
    Ramon McNally  a years ago +1033

    The video quality and the car is beyond sexy.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith  a years ago +50

    crazy cool

  • Innymi Słowy
    Innymi Słowy  a years ago +5

    This car already looked futuristic. But that matte paint adds ten more years to the future

  • ATOMICookie
    ATOMICookie  a years ago +3

    Where do you find all this dope music!?
    Apollo's looking SICK btw. (sick in the positive way 😅)

  • Esa Edvik
    Esa Edvik  a years ago +13

    Seriously cool how nice the video quality on these phones is. I did watch this on a 1080p IPS laptop screen, but still, neato. Audio didn't bother me at all either. Nicely done, Apple.

  • JakeSc
    JakeSc  a years ago +9

    Best looking Tesla Model S so far:)

  • ExcerptHD
    ExcerptHD  11 months ago +5

    I came back in 2018 for the music and editing at 2:45.

  • Tampatec
    Tampatec  a years ago +13

    Looks more futuristic 👍

  • Tomass Osmanis
    Tomass Osmanis  1 months ago +2

    Why is no one talking a bout that truck with written” it’s as easy as 1 2 3 “when mkbhd talked about wrap 1:27

  • Mustafa Chaudhry
    Mustafa Chaudhry  a years ago +482

    Dbrand has gone too far...

  • Tyler Jacobson
    Tyler Jacobson  a years ago +4

    That shot of the car with the Phoenix playing is one of the coolest moments I've ever seen on this channel. Video quality was impressive for the iPhone.