Binging with Babish: Quatro Quesos Dos Fritos from Psych

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 5, 2017
  • You thought Dulé Hill couldn't steal the show once again after his residency on the West Wing - well, back by popular demand, he's reprising his role as Burton Guster in the tv-movie revival of Psych this weekend. Revel in the duo's stoner-like propensity for hilariously unhealthy snacks with this week's recreation of a fan favorite: potatoes, stuffed with four cheeses, deep-fried, breaded, and re-fried, nestled on a bed of ancho sour cream and crispy bacon.

    Music: "Crumbs" by Broke for Free

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  • Christie Trias
    Christie Trias  yesterday

    Have you ever made the cinnamon pie from the Dual Spires episode?? I'm dying to know how to make it...

  • SKY OAK Co
    SKY OAK Co  2 days ago +1

    I was dying thinking how unhealthy this is when banish said “with.. bacon.”

  • Michael Hardman
    Michael Hardman  7 days ago +1

    Don't be ashamed it happens to lots of guys.

    Did you just assume my gender

  • dead memes
    dead memes  14 days ago

    Age restricted?

  • Omer Arzi
    Omer Arzi  21 days ago

    In the oven you can see the piking dack

  • Popcorn Master
    Popcorn Master  a months ago

    God I feel a hart attack coming

  • Taiwan Numbah whan
    Taiwan Numbah whan  a months ago

    Kosher salt

  • Scooby Douche
    Scooby Douche  a months ago

    *Healthy mix

    How do you get this power?

  • Federal Bureal of Investigation

    0:37 Check out that editing

  • Dave Post
    Dave Post  a months ago

    I made these before I even knew was a potato croquette was, but I put the bacon inside and mixed cheddar with mozzarella.

  • Nater Tater
    Nater Tater  2 months ago

    Chef john is awesome

  • jace welsh
    jace welsh  2 months ago +1

    Shawn and Gus didn’t come up with the idea for this. In the episode truer lies a pathological liar told them about a restaurant that sold them.

  • otakulover xx
    otakulover xx  2 months ago


  • Keller Corrield
    Keller Corrield  2 months ago

    I dont remember that clip at the beginning. I have seen every episode twice and the movie and I have no recollection

  • Aaron Miller-Schumacher

    Where all my psychos at?!?!

  • niki triki
    niki triki  2 months ago

    Its not quatro it is cuatro

  • happy Gabby!!!
    happy Gabby!!!  2 months ago

    Isn't anyone going to comment that Quatro doesn't have a Q? Is actually Cuatro which means four.

  • danielastark
    danielastark  2 months ago

    So, papas rellenas/ stuffed potatoes

  • Henrik lasarus
    Henrik lasarus  3 months ago +1

    Thats no potato ricer. Thats a massive garlic press.

    IHACOS  3 months ago

    welcome to the guss show