Binging with Babish: Turkish Delight from Chronicles of Narnia

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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    The Chronicles of Narnia is a series of books known for their talking fauna, religious overtones, and sickly sweets offered up by the White Witch, Jadis. Turkish Delight may be a delight for some accustomed palates, but can be fancifully altered with a number of different flavor concentrates. Whip up a batch to coerce and manipulate the black sheep of your choosing today.

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  • Katerina Tourlitis
    Katerina Tourlitis  15 hours ago

    I love making this

  • Juan Jo TOBAR.N

    Sam's bunny stew from lord of the rings please

  • The Illegal Show
    The Illegal Show  2 days ago


  • Dale Clarke
    Dale Clarke  3 days ago

    The only good thing about turkish delight is watching someone else try it for the first time.

  • James Collette
    James Collette  3 days ago

    real talk, with the tone of betrayal, the evilness of the queen and the general survival tone, I honestly thought that stuff was like sugar powdered meats...

    RIKIMARU OKADA  4 days ago +1

    Who else is here because of Mickey Mouse Cartoon

  • MelonanTV
    MelonanTV  5 days ago

    l o k u m

  • courtney
    courtney  5 days ago

    i don’t have the taste for my mario badescu spray

  • noey yang
    noey yang  5 days ago

    I tried this shit when my mom got it for me for Christmas and this shit is so gooood

  • çilekli dido
    çilekli dido  5 days ago

    2:52 sad kebab momet

  • A- team
    A- team  6 days ago

    In our contry it’s called halqum

  • Osbaldo Hernandez

    I hate that Turkish delight crap those things have no flavor

  • Adrienne Sarti
    Adrienne Sarti  7 days ago

    Its been a childhood dream to eat that 😂

  • Darkshine 1234
    Darkshine 1234  7 days ago

    Is it supposed to take over 30 minutes to get to 240°? Because I'm doing it and it's been over 30 and it's not even there yet

  • That One Nibba
    That One Nibba  7 days ago

    First of all this is not "turkish" just to get this straight. The Greeks were the first ones to create this recipe and then the Turks after invading Constantinople learned the recipe

  • xShadowNinja
    xShadowNinja  7 days ago


  • Anthony Papadopoulos


  • James Somogyi
    James Somogyi  7 days ago

    Too bad it dosent taste all that great but sounds and looks soo tasty

  • Sezer Bostancı
    Sezer Bostancı  7 days ago

    Hello, welcome to another episode of binging with babish and today, we will be making the kastamonu çekme helvası from the show called çocuklar duymasın..

  • Snowshine Shining

    I love my lokum with “safran”. Safran Lokum taste better to me. I have 2 packs of it in my room. I bought them from Safranbolu (Turkey). I hate the floury taste cheap rose water Lokum has and the sugary taste of the ordinary one ! Safran is really expensive here so I can’t eat safran every day :( Try different flavors if you can in Turkey we have MANY varieties of desserts :) ( You might hate it if you can’t bear sherbets or sugar )