Blueberry Smoothie - You Suck at Cooking (episode 23)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 3, 2015
  • Subscribe:►► salad?:►► world spins at a furious pace, not unlike a blender. Especially an anger-powered blender.


  • iLoveChickens
    iLoveChickens  3 years ago +5238

    most loudest sip of 2016

  • Amanda Bush
    Amanda Bush  a years ago +809

    I see why she wanted it back.

  • Kayla Leger
    Kayla Leger  3 years ago +3914

    This channel is YouTube's best kept secret.

  • Shaidyn
    Shaidyn  3 years ago +7665

    Easily the best cooking-comedy-music-family drama videos series I've watched this evening.

  • scarlet camatose
    scarlet camatose  2 months ago +456

    So this guy
    -writes skits
    -plays or writes music
    -is funny
    This is a wholesome channel

  • TerraMarie
    TerraMarie  3 years ago +4902

    Can I add my uhh.... "baking soda" to the smoothie? Or will that ruin it?

  • Timothy Chang
    Timothy Chang  3 years ago +2984

    Hahahahaha you must have been one obnoxious brother

  • Morgan J
    Morgan J  3 years ago +3203

    Just made this smoothie, it's legit. A note for those making it themselves: using the Vitamix to press "on" is the crucial step, don't skip it. Just pressing with your finger only leads to disappointment.

  • username
    username  3 years ago +2850

    ahahahaha! i lost it when he didnt even use the blender to make his smoothie! XD

  • Feedlocalcats
    Feedlocalcats  3 years ago +815

    I wonder what it's like to know this guy and have him make a video directed at you

  • Geoffrey Yu
    Geoffrey Yu  3 years ago +405

    Can I sample your... baking soda?

  • Stinkpie
    Stinkpie  2 years ago +571

    it watches for burglars

  • chopshop3100
    chopshop3100  3 years ago +187

    Using a 600.00 Vitamix to push the start button on a 30.00 Oster blender was priceless!

  • Elizebeth Martin
    Elizebeth Martin  3 years ago +158

    I own a Vitamix and the is exactly how I use it. Once I almost got burgled but my faithful Vitamix called the police and the burglar was arrested

  • LABoyGaming
    LABoyGaming  3 years ago +329

    I actually made this and it was pretty damn tasty XD

  • Luis Carrión
    Luis Carrión  2 years ago +56

    It plays the piano better than Picasso.

  • Ionlymadethistoleavecoments

    The funny thing is all these recipes sound pretty good.

  • Lila Garvin
    Lila Garvin  3 years ago +246

    Oh man, these videos are hilarious. I'm howling while I watch them!!

  • Vaneexx R
    Vaneexx R  3 years ago +103

    LMAO!! when the dog was like "WTF human?"

  • Charly Mations
    Charly Mations  2 years ago +57

    Am I the only one who has been binge watching this guy