If It's Not Dairy, It's Not Milk (It's Nut Juice)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • James Corden looks at recent headlines, including a measure to split California up into multiple states and a push to further define how we classify dairy products.

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  • Caitlin Millar
    Caitlin Millar  5 months ago

    Damn are those Aussies in the crowd, because we cheer about random shit, and whether it's a good joke or not, we laugh or cheer for the sheer effort.

    I laughed at the joke.

  • 16F16G
    16F16G  5 months ago

    "nut butter" always makes me laugh

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne  7 months ago +1

    And dairy is tit juice. Filled with puss and a bunch of other disgusting shit.

  • shreya bayana
    shreya bayana  7 months ago

    Now that’s a beautiful tie

  • shreya bayana
    shreya bayana  7 months ago

    Now that’s a beautiful tie

  • shreya bayana
    shreya bayana  7 months ago

    Now that’s a beautiful tie

  • Caras Life on the Farm

    Yay! Almond juice! Pass it on!

  • ross beattie
    ross beattie  11 months ago

    If it’s not dairy and it’s not milk it must be dairy milk.... loved this video when it came out 😊

  • Nate Free K-9 Help

    You will. WANT to see this short expose on almond milk ;-) it is worth the few mins...


  • Jehan Antia
    Jehan Antia  a years ago

    actually its nut sweat

  • *Tess *
    *Tess *  a years ago

    We call it 'almond drink' where i live. It's a lot better than nut juice and not false advertising

  • MiyukiSawada240
    MiyukiSawada240  a years ago

    i am still surprised he's straight

  • Yes I’m Blessed
    Yes I’m Blessed  a years ago +8

    I drink almond milk all the time. I refuse to ask someone to stop at the store on the way home and get me nut juice.....

  • Ti Co
    Ti Co  a years ago

    It's mylk

  • Yasemin BAHAR
    Yasemin BAHAR  a years ago

    I'm vegan

  • JootjeJ
    JootjeJ  a years ago +8

    With the same reasoning why are you still allowed to use the word hamburger when they don't contain pork? As for hotdogs...

  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye  a years ago

    Almond milk is milk the same way tofu is meat.

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez  a years ago

    What about coconut milk?

  • Little Llama
    Little Llama  a years ago

    Its pronounced r -mond not ale - mond, James

  • Dean McGee
    Dean McGee  a years ago +1

    Yeah Almond Milk is a way better name, than the other ones you said just then, 😂 I should know, I live on that shit... for now it should just stay how it's named, and yeah they are also right, technically it is not Milk, for the reasons you quoted in your skit, "Cow " 😂 Milk drinkers can be cautious or whatever other reasons, to try new shit, so you gotta lure them a bit, and make them relate in the name of the product. Deanstradumus predicts, though I am not picking up an exact Year, Day, Month nor time, that within Ten Years You won't be able to buy ( Cows ) Milk anymore, as demand for it is rapidly diminishing, with smart people like me in the World 🌎 waking up, to the whole injustice that the Dairy industry is. So in Ten years when there is no "Cows" 🐄 Milk on the shelves, the mission will be accomplished, which is right about the time I step in, all excited 😜, with my list of new names for Soy Milk, Almond Milk and all the other Vegan Milks, coz at that point it might be silly to call them Milk, when it's not Milk, and nobody is dinking milk, cows Milk that is, and then Milk, Milk , Milk, I think 💭 I'm Milking this, I make a Fortune 💰...