ASMR Satisfying Crunchy Slime (No Talking)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 27, 2019
  • Welcome back to my channel! This video includes crunchy, sticky and popping sounds using plastic beads slime, foam beads slime, and sponge slime.

    00:00 preview
    00:36 plastic beads
    15:05 foam beads
    28:59 sponge

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  • ASMR Bakery
    ASMR Bakery  4 months ago +242

    Check out my favorite slime channel, my mom’s channel!❤️

    00:00 preview
    00:36 plastic beads
    15:05 foam beads
    28:59 sponge

  • color changing soup
    color changing soup  58 minutes ago

    I love that there’s no background sounds

  • Lauren Land
    Lauren Land  16 hours ago

    idk why but this makes me want a rice crispy treat 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joselina
    Joselina  4 days ago

    I really like it! But, I ask the same to all the asmrtists: What do you do at the end with all that plastic? Do you think it end in the ocean?

  • Ālāïkā X
    Ālāïkā X  7 days ago +1

    15:40 and 9:10

  • Lisa Wederspahn
    Lisa Wederspahn  7 days ago

    That slime is making my brain tingle. Thanks 🤗

  • yo Charlie
    yo Charlie  7 days ago

    Que asco dan esas vainas de slime

  • Shania Marie
    Shania Marie  14 days ago


  • Michael Dundee
    Michael Dundee  14 days ago


  • Stefano Borali
    Stefano Borali  14 days ago

    OMG relax!!!!!!!!!!you save my life😊😌😌😌

  • AzureMoonRay
    AzureMoonRay  14 days ago +4

    Finally found someone kneading slime with soft, gentle but firm touch. Most of ASMR channels are too rough on slime and I can’t relax even one bit. Thank you for nice, sleepy sound.

  • Demonic Monica
    Demonic Monica  14 days ago +3

    That one little bead just the the left of the screen is giving me anxiety. Why was it permitted to escape?

  • 예선11
    예선11  14 days ago

    한국사람 없나 쩝...

  • Emily Romero
    Emily Romero  14 days ago

    10:18 lo mejor😍
    16:40 ufff😍

  • Sofia Strange
    Sofia Strange  14 days ago

    You and ASMR Magic are my top faves.

  • özGe
    özGe  21 days ago

    Ya ben bunu nasil yapabilirim ya da nerden alabilirim bilen varsa yazabilir miii lutfen?:)

  • IGotLessFriendsThanNctHasMembers

    Ok, no offense or anything but how do you manage to keep slime in a bag without accidentally spilling it everywhere.... I can't do that, it's too risky

  • Hey Unicornios!
    Hey Unicornios!  a months ago

    Fode fode kki

  • quentin salat
    quentin salat  a months ago

    Wow so much quality! I sub

  • Lara Van Loon
    Lara Van Loon  a months ago

    She starts making the bead slime at 9:17 thank me later.