BIỆT ĐỘI X6 | BDX6 #109 | Nam Thư rủ rê Anh Tú - Quang Trung lầy lội cùng Baggio - Sĩ Thanh - Miko😱

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 16, 2018
  • X6 SQUAD| BDX6 #109| Nam Thu entice Anh Tu-Quang Trung to play with Baggio-Si Thanh-Miko😱

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    🎬 Content:
    In the first journey of 2018, there will be a fierce battle between the home team: Baggio - Si Thanh - Miko and the guest team: Nam Thu - Anh Tu - Quang Trung. The episode 108 of "X6 Squad" will have many interesting and unique challenges for the teams!

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    Nam Thu:
    Anh Tu:
    Quang Trung:
    Si Thanh:
    Miko Lan Trinh:

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    📺 Introduction:
    "X6 SQUAD" will be the journey of 6 artists who will devided into 2 teams. These 2 teams will vie with each other in skill of many different challenges such as health, sport, skilful abitity, etc. The most unique thing in the journey is award & punishment.

    Winners will have everything: good food, resting place, relaxtion while losers will have to serve for winners and carry out some ignoble punishments (wearing raincoat and loser board then running around Nguyen Hue walking street - Cat Tuong used to do this).

    Beside that, 2 teams also have to find out the "X" element who is the spy of Editors and know all the mission & how to win it. "X"'s mission is support the home team to gain a victory but also keep his/ her identity secret. Because if the opposing team find out who "X" is at the end of the show, they will be the winner. At the same time, the one who is right at choosing "X" will have all awards of the spy "X". "X" will be changed (or not) weekly.

    🔔 Boardcast time: 22H45 every Friday on HTV7

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