late summer beats [lofi / Chill Beats]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  • late summer beats [lofi / Chill Beats]

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    Artists and tracks

    00:00 lespa - mango.trees-wav
    02:14 turtleschool - i tried.
    04:02 Païkan - Memories.
    05:59 rows -good morning
    07:57 ɢᴜʀᴜ ᴀʟᴇxᴀɴᴅᴇʀ - ø d d .
    09:30 rows - compliments
    11:06 George Kartsy - Velvet Tape - Sunrise with You
    14:31 Zayy - CLOUDS
    15:25 Seeweed - Night Flight
    17:59 turtleschool - confined
    19:34 zodament - Pillow Talk - beattape
    22:27 illuwn - rainy clouds
    24:31 Zayy - 4 3AM
    26:07 (𝒶𝓃𝓉𝑜)✨ - Cali
    27:51 Hevi - Solitude
    30:16 Manny Keep - Wash Away
    31:42 Low Frequency Music - Coffee And Rain
    35:27 Hang Øver - Forever
    37:03 zodament - Fresh
    38:53 Marius Schiffer - couch
    40:08 conor - it's all over
    42:31 Low Frequency Music - foreign at home
    47:31 oilix -mayonaka
    49:13 mskdgoblin - GETTIN ROBBED
    51:04 Blaque Trumpet - rain
    54:22 Choiwaru - BUTTERFLY
    56:11 Hevi - Violet Garden
    58:05 Blaque Trumpet - piano playing at dusk
    01:00:59 ɢᴜʀᴜ ᴀʟᴇxᴀɴᴅᴇʀ - d a w n 🌅

    Video: Amitai Angor AA VFX

    Here are the Artists most of them are active on soundcloud and other platforms, I urge you to explore their other works and help support them.





    ɢᴜʀᴜ ᴀʟᴇxᴀɴᴅᴇʀ

    George Kartsy







    Manny Keep

    Low Frequency Music



    Blaque Trumpet




  • mão nominus
    mão nominus  1 months ago

    Hearing it in winter, I'm about to freeze, but I am relaxed.

  • Mordrake
    Mordrake  4 months ago +1

    please visit my first lo fi video
    hope you enjoy it

  • Gina Marie
    Gina Marie  4 months ago +1

    Man! This is like a musical vacation for your ears! I traveled from a back yard in the suburbs to a front porch on Bourbon Street, to a cabana in Miami to a night club in Chicago and more. So much fun.

  • Morgan Ivy
    Morgan Ivy  4 months ago +4

    Goodbye summer, see you next year.⁦❤️🌴🌊

  • AMU
    AMU  4 months ago +1

    Can someone get Common to do a verse over this first beat? That would be nice.

  • Sofia Coupland
    Sofia Coupland  4 months ago +2

    This is my jam!! 🤟

  • Lisa Voth
    Lisa Voth  4 months ago

    Complete with mouth noises (why?). Otherwise lovely.

  • Timothy Kilkenny
    Timothy Kilkenny  4 months ago +4

    Loving this mix! If summer's a state of mind, I'll have this on in the colder months and keep the good vibes going :D

  • you are my lovely 1
    you are my lovely 1  4 months ago +2

    I don't want summer to leave
    ❤🌼💛 ty love this

  • Zi Jing
    Zi Jing  4 months ago +12

    I'm listening to this while making matching bracelets for me and my boyfriend , hope our relationship lasts forever , I love him . ⁦❤️⁩

  • Cooked_Ham
    Cooked_Ham  4 months ago


  • Allanzo
    Allanzo  4 months ago +13

    Well there goes summer
    Although you weren't as event packed you were great 👌😭

  • Azizah S.
    Azizah S.  4 months ago +1

    17:59 feels like home
    58:05 fits the video

  • my name
    my name  4 months ago +6

    feel good to see the wind

  • J S
    J S  4 months ago +8

    Damn, what a selection. Love it. Thank you for sharing

  • usual c
    usual c  4 months ago +10

    I'm lying on the beach wearing a straw hat and wind blows gently.. Just few people are seen they are walking beside the shore. I'm here, on the beach, for 1:03:46

  • 박박박
    박박박  4 months ago +6

    Where did you get that nice picture? I would like to know.

  • Lesley Mingo
    Lesley Mingo  5 months ago +3

    Love the summer vibes and the music. I wish it could last forever .😦🌴😎🌞

  • baekiee
    baekiee  5 months ago +3

    you always manage to get the mood of the playlist! it's pefect for august 💓

  • Dymbz
    Dymbz  5 months ago

    late summer gang