All Signs!! Mid week forecast!!🦶🏻💂🏻‍♀️🧟‍♀️

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 29, 2019


  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee  7 months ago +204

    🐏 Aries 0:34
    🐮 Taurus 6:45
    🔆 Gemini 11:07
    🦀 Cancer 15:56
    🦁 Leo 21:27
    🌺 Virgo 25:47
    ⚖ Libra 30:59
    🦂 Scorpio 35:40
    🏹 Sagittarius 40:52
    🐐 Capricorn 46:41
    💧 Aquarius 52:00
    🐟 Pisces 57:07

  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee  7 months ago

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  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee  7 months ago

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  • Nisha Nisha
    Nisha Nisha  7 months ago

    You look like Josh Gates

  • Angel Johnson
    Angel Johnson  7 months ago

    Where is the weekend reading

  • Xandria
    Xandria  7 months ago

    Libra! The only future love I see coming in my life, is this little virgo to be, that will be making her entrance into this crazy world September 4th. Single Mom too, wish me luck!

  • ahjade chen
    ahjade chen  7 months ago

    accurate reading. Thank you.

  • Farah Bacchus
    Farah Bacchus  7 months ago

    Libra flippy floppy

  • Farah Bacchus
    Farah Bacchus  7 months ago

    Love you Rich God bless you always much love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Helen J. Goh
    Helen J. Goh  7 months ago

    Thank you 🌹

  • Angelaleigh Frazier
    Angelaleigh Frazier  7 months ago

    Leo dealing with Scorpio ♏️ . That’s all we do is argue. Omg! 19 years of same crap, different year and why we think it’s going to be different idk. He needs to leap of faith out of my life for good. over the attitude! Sigh!!! Scorpio ♏️ is ( sorry y’all not necessarily speaking for all scorpios) but he’s so damn mean ALL THE TIME AND DRAINS ME OF ANY GOOD BALANCE I HAVE. That is all.

  • Kennedy L
    Kennedy L  7 months ago

    You hit it right on the head

  • Kennedy L
    Kennedy L  7 months ago

    💥 Virgo

  • reeree 0124
    reeree 0124  7 months ago

    Where does your Aqua shirts come from?

  • Carolyn Bravo
    Carolyn Bravo  7 months ago

    Rich I will follow your great advise. 👍

  • Debbie DePaolantonio

    let me give you real CBD for that back and more appreciate you daily

  • mariebaby K
    mariebaby K  7 months ago +3

    Libra 💯 percent. Spot on. Not Co dependant! Almost 8 years single! Don't want him back! Nope nope nope nope nope! 😉

  • Lee
    Lee  7 months ago

    Saggie here, and that is exactly where I am in life. I hate liars and my ex is the epitome of one. Thank goodness I’m moving towards my Aquarius, he’s brutally honest

  • atorista
    atorista  7 months ago

    What time do you usually go live , I’ll have to set my alarm. You might be going on while I’m driving and notifications go off while I’m driving

  • rn goodheart
    rn goodheart  7 months ago

    its not a waste of time it is what you put in it and give it all you got and pray to God for help and hope...all that love and kindness can bring