Giving Dolls Tiny Makeovers (feat. Shane Dawson)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 21, 2017
  • I found these doll repainting videos and knew that my friend Shane Dawson loves dolls, so we decided to get some Monster High dolls and give them tiny repainting makeovers. We gave them a head-to-toe makeover with wigs, makeup, and clothes. Would you try this??Check out our collab on Shane's channel!'s channel:’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications!FYI, the wigs were alpaca wool. This video is NOT sponsored!Safiya's Nextbeat: Editor: Claire WileyMUSICMind The GapGypsy SailorWhistling WIllieElevatorBusy ShoppingMarimba SuspenseSaturday SportsUncomfortable QuestionsTails And Top HatsMoment JoyuexBlack Cat In The SunMon CheriDance Of The CygnetsLight On Your FeetI See Coloursvia Audio NetworkSFXvia AudioBlocks


  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  a years ago +27684

    hello friends!!!! here is a very stange video with the one and only shane dawson, where we gave dolls tiny makeovers and DIDN'T MURDER THEM! hope u enjoy! xox

  • Holo Theatertrash
    Holo Theatertrash  5 months ago +2915

    Shane: I feel like mines gonna be like pretty
    Shane 10 minutes later: so she’s the queen of hell

  • Anh Minh
    Anh Minh  3 months ago +1809

    What it looks: Shane and Safiya
    What it truly is: Serial Killer and Bat witch

  • Areptesa M
    Areptesa M  3 months ago +1573

    I can hear the doll repainting community screaming at the techniques used here xD

    ØRĒØ CÃT  2 months ago +1068


  • Natalie Snape
    Natalie Snape  2 months ago +245

    Rewatching this mid 2019 and where saf shows Shane frying a Barbie like I can’t believe my brain has erased that whole phase of his channel lmao

  • Julia _mw
    Julia _mw  3 months ago +326

    Dollightful: Make sure you wear a mask. Mr. Super Clear is very dangerous to inhale!
    Shane and Safiya: 8:01
    (P.S. I know they most likely didn’t know lol, I just thought it was funny.)

  • TeoGPanda :3
    TeoGPanda :3  2 months ago +452

    I watched this when it came out, but now I’m revisiting it since I turned into a dollightful fan XD

  • JoGachaKnight lol
    JoGachaKnight lol  2 months ago +567

    Safiya: I don't think I could ever compete with... What's the name of yours?
    Shane: Killer Queen.
    Safiya: OKAY!

  • Cinna Bunneh
    Cinna Bunneh  2 months ago +181

    You weren't supposed to breath in the Mr. Super Clear-

  • zain mal
    zain mal  a years ago +4848

    This was the collab we didn't know we needed

  • you’re an atheist pig you dumbo Shut up ugly

    No one:
    literally no one:

  • Just Andrew
    Just Andrew  2 months ago +136

    Shane: "I've never had that problem." 8:49
    Safiya: *WhEeZe*

  • Charlotte Post van der Burg

    saf: i know you like dolls!
    shows footage of shane deep frying a barbie...

  • Caroline
    Caroline  2 months ago +123

    Shane: I’m gonna make my doll pretty
    Also Shane: 9:20

  • America Salazar
    America Salazar  5 months ago +4157

    yall should do this again now that Shane is an actual makeup guru

  • MF - 07TA - Allan Drive MS (1468)

    Saf: somehow she's still wet i don't know what I'm doing
    Shane: I've never had that problem
    Me: *wheezes*

  • Anastasia Noneofyourbuissness

    I love dollightful p.s. That's vaporeon from her Pokémon series

  • Nexxuits !
    Nexxuits !  2 months ago +56

    Me: sees dollightful, screams

  • UnderdoneDeath
    UnderdoneDeath  1 months ago +22

    Shane in beginning: Shes gonna look pretty.
    Shane a minute later: I think I'm going to embrace her undead aspects.
    Shane at end: So shes the queen of hell.