Galaxy Note9

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • The new super powerful Note. Learn more:


  • 6969 subscribers with no videos challenge 2

    At least samsung knows to count to nine

    KOBALT 24V MAX BRUSHLESS  a years ago +220

    Apple disables their comments 🤣

    SKELETOR  a years ago +221

    this is why i switched to samsung

  • JoinFeedRAGE
    JoinFeedRAGE  a years ago +125


  • Alejandro Sandoval
    Alejandro Sandoval  a years ago +58

    Thunderclouds - LSD ⛈️😍👊🏼

  • Isaac
    Isaac  a years ago +304

    ugh now I gotta spend 1000$ for the galaxy skin in fortnite

  • Channel FTV: Hermann Fegelein

    Does anyone come here because of thunderclouds-Sia?

  • Nova Bastien
    Nova Bastien  a years ago +62

    Shut up!! And take my money!!!

  • Riktam Sarkar
    Riktam Sarkar  a years ago +470

    I want to write something for Samsung and all the users out there. Samsung is a different company no matter you hate Samsung or like it, you will never disagree to the fact that they always listen to their user. S6 was not waterproof everyone wanted a waterproof smartphone S7 edge fixed it, S7 edge have problem with pink line appearing in many devices they fixed it in the S8 also people wanted infinity display and they delivered that too in S8. Note 7 was a total disaster and now they are working day and night so that none of their smartphone blast, they even wrote that it was their fault and called back all the Note 7. Users wanted dual camera setup they gave us the Note 8 with dual camera setup, but it too had problem with the finger placement but they fixed this with the S9 Plus and even gave us a dual speaker. They are doing their best and even look upon their customer, I know we have alarm clock in our phone but small things like reminders where they call you to wake you up, remind you to make a call and then my assistant etc in My galaxy app is totally great which makes Samsung apart. I don't hate any brand or companies but I will mention this that Apple is forcing things on their user, all those IPhone users from your heart tell me you wanted them to remove headphone jack wanted them to remove fingerprint scanner even I heard Google's Pixel is going to have a notch according to rumor but does Pixel users want that to happen no, 90 percent users will say no.
    Samsung you may not get the best phone award or have the best camera or even software but you are good enough for all the people around you to love you Samsung, you will always be a part of me.
    Thank you Samsung.

  • Uzair Khan
    Uzair Khan  a years ago +8

    The Headphone Jack Will NEVER Die

  • star sky
    star sky  a years ago +13

    Well it has a headphone jack unlike "somebody"?

  • Kevin Morales Gomez
    Kevin Morales Gomez  a years ago +174

    IPhone people salty
    Me seeing all the likes
    Me: is this a typo or a glitch?

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star  a years ago +22

    It has a headphone jack

  • Austin Anderson
    Austin Anderson  a years ago +79

    Look even Samsung kept the headphone jack😂😂

  • Wamino
    Wamino  a years ago +53

    All the butthurt apple fans In the comments wishing iPhones were this good

  • Rael. Row
    Rael. Row  a years ago +30

    I just came for the song. It sounds great. Does anyone have the name of it?????

  • Apple Seed
    Apple Seed  a years ago +102


  • SlyR Dauntless
    SlyR Dauntless  a years ago +51

    Bruh how does this little piece of technology have the same amount of storage as my ps4?!?!

  • 0604 kevin
    0604 kevin  a years ago +16

    90% of Samsung phones you can spot the difference. Apple phones from 5 to 8... you can't. good job samsung👍

  • Celestial21
    Celestial21  a years ago +60

    Uhhhh... There's so many cringey Fortnite fans and iSheep here in the comments.
    Where all the real Samsung fans at??