PowerPoint Explainer Animation Guide for Beginners

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 16, 2019
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    The great thing about PowerPoint is that pretty much everyone with a PC has it, so most people have used it in the past, which makes it extremely user-friendly, as there is actually no learning curve to it.

    In this tutorial, you will discover a very simple, beginner friendly way to create professional explainer animations from scratch using only PowerPoint and GIF animations, without the need of any graphic design or animation skills or experience.

    This tutorial is created by https://videoplasty.com


  • Tru-blu
    Tru-blu  yesterday

    Do you have any nativity scene gifs or Christmas characters?

  • Kirti sabade
    Kirti sabade  7 days ago

    Where i can get the assets you have used?

  • Miroslav Matyáš

    Hi Eduard, thanks for great tutorial. Can you please dedicate some time to help my as a MAC user? You mention it in the video - that you will come back to it, but there's no other mention. How can the export with audio can be done using Keynote? Or any other way? Thanks.

  • DarcyJT Thurlow
    DarcyJT Thurlow  1 months ago


  • Linda Sue Buehler
    Linda Sue Buehler  2 months ago

    I saw an interview with the creator of the term .GIF and he said it's pronounced JIFF. In forums, you can tell people that and they still argue it's .GIF like the g in go, not .Gif like the g in generic. The population votes for hard g gif, the creator says it's soft g gif. You cannot win. Heh.

  • PDR
    PDR  2 months ago +1

    I'v been waiting for making an animation.Thanks!!!

  • MIM Graphics
    MIM Graphics  2 months ago

    Great work 👍I create animated videos on power point. Have learned from you a lot. Check out my channel. Hope you will like my work it's just the start. Need everyone's support 😊
    Channel Name: Creative Learning

  • Outikhsi Mehdi
    Outikhsi Mehdi  3 months ago

    thank you very much can i know wich version is this ? PPT 2016 ?

  • Eman Shaban
    Eman Shaban  3 months ago +1

    great video
    But how can you make these characters on powerpoint?

  • Debby Gadia
    Debby Gadia  3 months ago +1

    Very helpful video! i hope I can buy your gifs. I can't afford it at the moment here in the Philippines.

  • El Hater
    El Hater  3 months ago +1

    Y Los Malditos ESPAÑOLES?

  • Berna Gurning
    Berna Gurning  3 months ago

    Thanks a lot for uploading this great video..love it.

  • amrin syah
    amrin syah  4 months ago +1

    Hi Edward, this video is awesome and really helpful, anyway I still don't get it, how you match the timing to changing slide align with the voice over ?

  • Richard Haldeman
    Richard Haldeman  4 months ago

    Where do you get shapes that are animated like a pie graph

  • Mark MccASH
    Mark MccASH  4 months ago


  • Islamic PowerPoint
    Islamic PowerPoint  5 months ago


  • James Johnson
    James Johnson  5 months ago

    Can anyone guess how I made this fully playable "Super Street Fighter II" Port In PowerPoint? https://photos.app.goo.gl/pMTJUSWmW6zV9goc6 I promise, this is legit, though sadly not CAPCOM® official. But if you want to know more, and to play this for yourself, just go to its official GameJolt page: https://gamejolt.com/games/gigastreetfighteriithefinalround/314369
    Please enjoy, and good luck aGainst a second player; you'll need it!

  • Grapholia
    Grapholia  5 months ago

    I hope to learn more from you eduard. Love these tutorials!

  • Creepyfive
    Creepyfive  5 months ago +1

    I always wanted to learn this. Keep it up :)

  • lynn syril bobadilla

    This is very helpful! Thank you!