Blackpink's New Song Is......

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019
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  • TheRealGreen  2 months ago


  • amaanullah mohammad  1 months ago

    Where do you live

  • llamacorn  1 months ago

    Thank you Friend.

  • Ying Qian  2 months ago

    OMG the lending and borrowing! Finally, someone who gets irritated when people use it wrongly.

  • Cao Ji Bai  1 months ago


  • IKR

  • wEiRd cOnTeNt  2 months ago

    "Fried chicken has never let me down"

  • Salomi John  2 months ago

    This is mee.... Tries to be in a relationship, gives up and moves on to fried chicken😋🍗🍚👌🏾

  • Min Yoongi Forever  2 months ago

    wEiRd cOnTeNt this quote explains my life ty deekosh

  • Flora lee  2 months ago

    mukbang and deekosh? yas please

  • T JS  2 months ago

    Must agree on blackpink song being underwhelming . Yg made them came back in such a rush to cover the ongoing yg and seungri scandal, and an attempt to raise their share price. Oh well ~

  • I GOT7  2 months ago

    While Dee Kosh said "Eating Lunch..."I: DEE KOSH'S FIRST MUKBANGGGGG!!!!!!!!

  • Ťhe Śhađøw Øwl  2 months ago

    All the food looks good especially the one talking

  • A4DIL F4D1L  1 months ago

    Even worse when you are watching in Ramadan

  • NN IsSmiley  2 months ago


  • Seriously end of the video you make me hungry!!

  • ant city  2 months ago

    I want that ice lemon tea wth

  • Same I love Ice Lemon Tea

  • Hoodie Hoodie  2 months ago

    Highly agree with the Blackpink one. Kill this Love was just like every other one of their songs, except more underwhelming. Nothing different, nothing new. Same old ''We are badass. We are the best!'' type of concept and just............. meh.

  • _tannat_ 503  yesterday

    Doesn’t matter if it’s good or not (I think it is great), just know that they put a lot of effort in their new comeback , their choreography and many other things weren’t easy, but they persevered just for blinks. I’m a blink too . My bias is Jisoo.

  • San Enjoying Life  1 months ago

    My name is Happy Yes everyone can have an opinion. I don’t mind them calling BP bad stuff. But before you say that we are childish, just remember that if you go into a McDonalds and say “Burger King is better” don’t think you’re not going to be kicked out.Respecting others’ opinions is not the same as hating. We have an opinion too and you should respect ours. We’re merely defending our idols.