DIY No Mess Fluffy Foam! | DIY Art Projects by Blossom

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 23, 2019
  • Arts and craft time has never been more fun with these fun projects, hacks, and ideas for your next craft session with your kids! Learn how to make fluffy foam, greeting cards, and more!

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    DIY No Mess Fluffy Foam! | DIY Art Projects by Blossom


  • doge player
    doge player  yesterday

    was it just me of the first yellow folam slime looked like real human fat

  • Bigyarani Lambalmayum

    Hello I am a rittika how make to smile

  • Alythea Trish Tan

    The way they play with slime hurts me.

  • Aada pelaaja
    Aada pelaaja  14 days ago


  • Emy Tejada Garcia
    Emy Tejada Garcia  21 days ago

    Who else saw that at 1:49 it says DIY puffy paint🤦🏽‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤫🤭

  • Ihas Cupquake
    Ihas Cupquake  21 days ago +1

    I’m only happy ‘cause they did the rainbow right

  • Rio
    Rio  21 days ago

    This person don’t know how to play with slime

  • Asim Abbas
    Asim Abbas  28 days ago

    Excuse me blossom you said that this video was about slime but it is about art DIY where exactly is the slime you have just shown one single clip in the video YouTube ha a policy of staying on the topic of the video

  • Asim Abbas
    Asim Abbas  28 days ago

    Have every ingredient in place but I tried to make slime with these ingredients but it was a mess 😤

  • pineapplepigeon 530
    pineapplepigeon 530  a months ago +1

    Now did this go from slime to paint?🤔

  • Alice Arara
    Alice Arara  a months ago


  • Ravi Bulbule
    Ravi Bulbule  a months ago

    It's called slime

  • Anaisha Sinha
    Anaisha Sinha  a months ago

    Who watches but never tries

  • saleum vilainam
    saleum vilainam  a months ago +10

    When the title said HPW TO MAKE SLIME WITH NO MESS what this part of the video 0:33

  • Farzana Raza
    Farzana Raza  a months ago

    You don't know it is slime not fluffy

  • OrangeKitten OrangeKitten

    Dosent slime make a mess because it sticks to your clothes?

  • Ludmila Kalinova
    Ludmila Kalinova  a months ago


  • Maaz Munir
    Maaz Munir  a months ago +1

    Plz also write the quantity

  • Lily Kom
    Lily Kom  2 months ago +4

    Did you know that slime can make a very big mess

  • Totally Random
    Totally Random  2 months ago

    Umm... no mess