Stephen A.: Lonzo Ball's diss track to Kyle Kuzma 'exposes childish tendencies' | First Take | ESPN

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 14, 2018
  • First Take's Stephen A. Smith says Lonzo Ball's diss track to Kyle Kuzma "exposes childish tendencies."✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube:✔ Watch Latest Episodes on WatchESPN:✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: more ESPN on YouTube:► First Take:► SportsCenter with SVP: on Social Media:► Follow on Twitter:► Like on Facebook:► Follow on Instagram: ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on


  • John Massey  1 years ago

    They're just a bunch of friends that like roasting each other 😂😂

  • XxPxintFxwardxX _  1 years ago

    They are like any male friend group ever

  • lee Roy V  1 years ago

    Pembrook Sutherland they play a game. Who cares? Only a fascist cares about that shit

  • TheValueKing  1 years ago

    Sounds like a Stephen A diss track coming next !

  • Lynn Bernard  1 years ago


  • Courtney Sykes  1 years ago


  • Kevin Torres  1 years ago

    Let them diss each other... JESUS its just a joke, why yall gotta take everything so serious

  • Angela Curry  6 months ago

    Fail Zero 19 also how that a joke?????????????

  • Dillion Harper  1 years ago

    Fax if Lebron wants 2 go to lakers he'll go this shouldn't influence his decision

  • Strizzy Hndrxx  1 years ago

    Lol we just gon act like that beat on the song ain’t slap tho?

  • washburn11000  9 months ago

    Its just a beat..Lonzo didnt make it lol

  • Kelley Fort You uneducated swine, how dare you possibly prefer being lame than uneducated? The audacity, the superiority complex, the condescension! I am the most uneducated person I know and yet, I am also commenting on this video and, to capitalize on this opportunity, i shall use The term 'slap'. AHAHA! Feel ashaamed, feel inept and disgusted at your own impudence! I have spited you, and claimed the victory that is indeed inherent with articulate bullshitery! Now that I've defeated you, and claimed ...

  • Stop making something out of nothing, damn espn sounding like black parents 🙄

  • ツTirend  3 days ago

    @Foudii It's a joke

  • kevin zungu  1 years ago

    Lmao 😂

  • dutchtown7  1 years ago

    yall too old to be discussing these topics lol

  • wilsonjoshwilson  1 years ago

    That moment in life were you actually agree with Will Cain.........

  • Jose Covarrubias  1 years ago

    Lonzo didnt lived up to what a No.2 pick should've lived up to?.. in one year, really? Ok lets see the last 10 #2 picks:Brandon IngramD Angelo RussellJabari ParkerVictor OladipoMichael Kidd GilchristDerrick WilliamsEvan TurnerHasheem TabeetMichael BeasleyKevin DurantLamarcus AldridgeOut of those, who lived it up the FIRST Year? Overall, you have only 3 allstars.Stop saying Lonzo is not good enough..

  • LIVE ANOR  5 months ago

    Jose Covarrubias 5 all stars update 2019

  • Jaleel Hunter  1 years ago

    Jay Tay facts. Don't know if seen lately he's put on some muscle 💪

  • Kuz and Zo relationship is like how Zo and Melo was, only that now Zo the lil bro

  • Novembers Finest  1 years ago

    Fr it really is

  • MAE 1X  1 years ago

    Its really not that deep lol

  • Dan Jr  1 years ago

    And1Dummy Basketball is a professional league making songs is a great thing making songs about your teammate... not so much kinda immature

  • Shawn Altacho  1 years ago

    First take is dead 😂😂😂 where was this criticism with shaq???