Copart 94 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L - Sat for 3 Years!! $1485 Win!!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 17, 2019
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  • Christopher 1995  2 months ago

    Auto Auction Rebuilds randy I still love this video and great job on it n u maid alot of view s on it u should do another 94GT car n video

  • Smooth Trooper  2 months ago

    @Nicholas Lee No some are clear title without salvage branding some are salvaged and some are non repairable or bill of sale

  • kjfriend1  6 months ago

    They always complain about him over checking fluids and the one time

  • chad lewis  4 months ago

    First sign of a lemon Car is the paint job

  • UnWrecked  6 months ago

    How many crowds has this one claimed

  • Jack Henry  5 months ago

    @Hyphy Coyotep

  • Paul G  5 months ago

    Never enough

  • Beaver Commander  2 months ago

    Could have been a flood victim.. like hurricane Katrina or something

  • craig streetzel  23 days ago

    Or just the 3 we had few years ago water in Houston was 50+ inches deep

  • Jen Horne  5 months ago

    It's a 5.0,it's gonna run,rough at first but it'll level out!

  • ss saucy  5 months ago

    I bout a teal 94 gt sitting for 10 years.all I did was change the fuel pump and add new fuel. Daily driver now

  • webslingercj  5 days ago

    How's the antifreeze.?Maybe a flood¿¿??

  • Jake Lo  5 months ago

    That key thing is a kill switch. I had the same one in my 1996 Stang.

  • Rafikou Mimou  6 months ago

    its sounds amazing oh im not supposed to say that here