BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel '轉'

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 17, 2017
  • BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel '轉'Highlight Reel credits:Director : YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)Assistant Director : WonJu Lee (Lumpens)Director of Photography: HyunWoo Nam(GDW)Gaffer : JiSung Park (Light Reaction)Art Director: JinSil Park (MU:E)Producer: Emma SungEun Kim (GE Production)Special Effects : Perfect, Action SchoolMusic : Myungsoo ShinSound : KRAFT MusicBigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, KoreaConnect with BTS:http://www.ibighit.com content certified by Big Hit Entertainment


  • ju dy
    ju dy  2 years ago +4583

    I just read a theory and it all makes so much damn sense now.
    The girls aren't real. They are representations of their pair, yoonkook, namtae, jihope, and Jin is alone-well the center of it all. Jungkook gets into the accident and Yoongi becomes the donor for him. In the run mv you see yoonkook fighting, well it's because Jungkook wants Yoongi to stop smoking. Remember how Yoongi got a call at the end of the second highlight reel? That was one of the boys calling him about Jungkook and he runs to the hospital, thus the scene of him running and getting angry in the third highlight reel. The girl with Yoongi (jungkook's representation) grabs onto him trying to stop him but he pushes her away which is why you see Yoongi in the same clothes when he's seated outside of the hospital. He dies during the donor process and Jungkook doesn't find out until afterwards when he's fully recovered, the scene of him walking down the steps holding baby breaths in his hands. Namjoon's representation is the girl with Taehyung. Namjoon hid the fact from everyone that Taehyung's father killer is him, Taehyung who was saved by Namjoon goes to jail alone in order to protect Namjoon (the scene where tae surrenders), he wants to call Namjoon but he can't pick up. The girl with Namjoon is a representation of Taehyung, who was his closest friend, but Namjoon can't face Taehyung ("always looking at your back because I know it's not the right time") because Namjoon isn't brave enough to face him. The girl with Hoseok and jimin is a representation of Jimin. "If you can shine I am alright" (Hoseok's quote) he is selfless and jimin is self-centered because he is mentally sick. Jimin is always focused on himself and feels like he is always lacking and never good enough. Jimin tries to kill himself in the third highlight reel where he and the girl (Jimin's representation) fall on the floor. Hoseok tries to save Jimin (the girl representing him) thus the scene of him running in the rain with the girl on his back. This is where we finally understand why Jimin is always associated with water, he died on Hoseok's back in the rain on the way to the hospital. The scene where you see Jimin with an umbrella and him turning away means he gave up completely on himself. Onto jin, who is the center of everything. Hasn't ever passed your mind why he never mentions the girls in his notes? It's always about the boys, proving the girls don't exist because they are all there for him. In the third highlight reel did you notice when Jin was changing clothes, he was in the same exact white shirt in I Need U? Well at the last scene he was wearing that white button up and the girl got hit, that was the moment when his entire world fell apart. In conclusion, Taehyung went to jail, Namjoon disappeared, jimin committed suicide, Hoseok later on does too with the pills, Yoongi does for Jungkook because he felt guilty, and while all of this was happening, Jin was watching his friends suffer. Which is why he wants to go back in time and be the best man he could ever be by saving them and helping them.
    This is the message BTS wanted to share with us. No matter what, you need to love yourself because not only does that save you, but it saves those around you as well.
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    ❤(linh huynh)

  • ibigshit
    ibigshit  a years ago +2307

    ARMY; BigHit, world tour please.
    BigHit; Just for you.
    ARMY; BigHit, new album please.
    BigHit; Just for you.
    ARMY; BigHit, new MV please.
    BigHit; Just for you.
    ARMY; BigHit, answer for the theories please.
    BigHit; Who are you?

  • Chani lioo
    Chani lioo  6 months ago +1454

    Who else came here to see Ryujin & Yuna from ITZY?!

  • Jaqui Ortega
    Jaqui Ortega  8 months ago +937

    Let me summarise
    Namjoon - returned headband
    Jin -crashed
    Yoongi - broke up
    Hoseoks Girl - fainted
    Jimin - Bleeding
    Taehyung - Arrested
    Jungkook - empty bed
    Jin's Girl - Ran over

  • eninojamms
    eninojamms  2 months ago +166

    2:49 I don’t blame the girl for not looking both ways
    Because worldwide handsome here is signaling u to come over

  • * KpopLovelys *
    * KpopLovelys *  2 years ago +788

    I honestly think BigHit should release a Movie when they're ready to reveal the true meaning behind all of their mv's and end the theories because i get mind fucked everytime i see a bts mv, clips, and theories

  • Rennie Mun
    Rennie Mun  6 months ago +661

    so…who's here after finding out Ryunjin and Yuna from ITZY were the girls with J-Hope and Jimin and Jungkook

  • Alice Brambilla
    Alice Brambilla  2 months ago +41

    I don’t know if you have noticed but at the beginning, when There is the talking part, you can clearly hear the music: it’s a different version of Outro: Tear 0:21

  • Sherin
    Sherin  3 months ago +79

    the music in this highlight reel will forever be the best thing ever, and thats why TEAR is amazing

  • mariluz mazon
    mariluz mazon  a years ago +67

    Mi madre me dijo que antes de cruzar hay que mirar 😐

  • Lisa Park
    Lisa Park  2 months ago +23


  • Kitty Domination
    Kitty Domination  9 months ago +58

    I was crying but i was only crying because jungkook was hgoing to give the girl flowers but she left when he was okay so rip

  • Misaki chan
    Misaki chan  10 months ago +47

    ¿Alguien más se dio cuenta que en una parte de la parada decía I'M FINE en el minuto 1:19?

  • Ácida Naranja
    Ácida Naranja  7 months ago +45

    2019 y aún no logro conecta puntos://

  • Nicole Ow
    Nicole Ow  2 years ago +1573

    guys this is my theory:
    i think for this, the girls are never gonna stay with them forever,here's the evidence...
    lets start from jungkook
    at first jungkook and the girl met in the hospital and they soon got into this relationship
    bur what we see just now is that the girl's either left or die (for me i think the girl leaves becuz if she died, jungkook must've known abt it)
    he brings the girl to the bus stop and did what he and rapmon did before (spray paint the bus stop board)
    but sadly police cars are chasing after them
    so they run (dasi runrunrun---)
    but they couldnt run anymore and police cars almost reached them
    taehyung, who loves the girl, in order to let her rjn away from the police, he ran out of his hiding place and surrenders
    if taehyjng was imprisoned, then the girl and hjm will never be together
    he likes hoseok's girl, but hoseok and his girl were perfectly damcing together
    jimin was dancing alone, hoping he will get to dance with the girl
    the girl, doesnt even belong to him ( we can see jimin held a n umbrella and leaves eventually since hoseok is carrying hjm to the hospital)
    everhthing was perfect and good until the girl falls and injured her hand
    maybe that triggered some diseases(?) idk but it's kinda serious(maybe she cant bleed a lot idk)
    and hoseok immediately piggyback her and rushed to the hospital
    she might be dying becuz of that and that makes hoseok lost someone, becoming lonely again
    although he works hard to catch the girl's attention
    works hard to protect her
    but she never care abt namjoon
    namjoon stares at the 'imfine, saveme' word on the board and walks ALONE
    that means they are still not together, and the girl will never be his
    thats why he stared at the word being emotional af
    the girl completely vanished in this video
    we dun see his girl anymore
    maybe the girl left and went away
    which made yoongi drink alchohol and be drunk (so far away lyrics part of it was talking abt this)
    and yeah, he even played the piano furiously
    cuz withoht the girl he cant live
    last but not least, jin
    he can finally see the girl and he brought flowers for her
    when she crossed overthe road, a car collided with the girl
    jin isnt the one who got into a car accident but the girl
    becuz when the car crashing sound appeared he is still standing straight
    the girl will soon leave all the boys, nothing lasts forever
    so, love yourself and never love the others before yourself
    this is what i found what bts wanted to spread the words
    guys, dont think the girls in these videos are pretty,
    you are prettier in your own way
    be happy and live your live
    no one's going to control your life but yourself!!
    ps: this is just my own opinion, you can choose to ignore:)

  • castly :3
    castly :3  7 months ago +41

    no mamen yo solo queria escuchar musica de ellos y ver las fotos de los hermosos y me vienen con las teorias de verga no mamen mi cerebro va a explotar

  • A. Mercado
    A. Mercado  a years ago +30

    Jin’s face at the end gave me chills ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • La Coreana Feña
    La Coreana Feña  7 months ago +57

    De hecho, ahora entiendo toda esta teoría, mi cabeza va a explotar :'0
    Las chicas son los chicos, pero en chicas xdxd
    Namjoon se enamora de Taehyung chica
    Seokjin vio la muerte de JungKook chica
    Yoongi pelea con Yoongi chica por qué vio a JungKook en el hospital
    HoSeok salva a HoSeok chica dejando a Jimin solo
    Jimin tiene interés por HoSeok chica pero al ver que se fue se rinde
    Taehyung siendo honesta no se quien es la chica xd
    JungKook nunca tuvo interés por Jimin chica
    Ay no sé si me entendieron pero eso es lo que yo investigué XD
    Like si tu cabeza explotó al igual que la mía jahajahajh

  • Ada.
    Ada.  9 months ago +13

    the highlight reels were just... bts promoting rookie gg members

    BANGTAN TRASH  2 years ago +1806