Sofasound - "Bella Anima"

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 30, 2018
  • Sound to fall in love with and never let it go.📝 Read our feature🎧 Our playlists・Spotify・Apple Music🎨 If you're an artist, check out agency (artworks, branding, web design) at📷 Artwork blend using photos of・・🙌 Follow Stereofox・Website »・Spotify »・Apple Music » ・Free downloads »・SoundCloud »・Youtube » ・Instagram »・Facebook »・Twitter »👕 Stereofox merch🙌 Follow Sofasound・Stereofox »・Spotify »・Apple music »・SoundCloud »・Instagram »・Facebook »・Twitter »🔖 Contact & submissions・・👉 What is Stereofox?Stereofox is a collective of creative people who love music. We run a streaming platform where we feature and interview our favourite artists. We also upload music to YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify platforms.Why are we doing this? Well, life is too short to listen to bad music.In addition, we’re running a creative agency and a label. Feel free to drop a line and say hi!


  • Stereofox  6 months ago

    It was hard to describe this track with words. I love the sound and this producer (if anyone knows more similar music lmk). Find more music on our Apple & Spotify playlists 🎧 Spotify: Music:

  • PETRA M.  7 days ago

    Very special Song...💖💖

  • Tanya Duvall  3 months ago

    Sounds great

  • PiFlavor  6 months ago

    This track is unbelievable 🤟💕

  • Stereofox  6 months ago

    Couldn't agree more - glad people appreciate this track, Sofasound is amazing producer :)

  • Cotina Spann  6 months ago

    Great track! It's futuristic, funky and trippy at the same time. This multi-layered jam will be in replay mode for me😊

  • Stereofox  6 months ago

    @Cotina Spann when I upload the other track I will ping you ;) pleasure is all ours dear Cotina

  • Cotina Spann  6 months ago

    @Stereofox Awesome! You expose me to such great music and help expand my musical horizon. It would be great to hear more of this sound.