200 Damage Super Cat - Shellshock Live Showdown | JeromeACE

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 7, 2019
  • Today we play shellshock live showdown

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  • Lowie Polfliet
    Lowie Polfliet  6 months ago

    How can it be 61 with 2x damage?

  • higroundToxic_ 0
    higroundToxic_ 0  6 months ago

    Hey jerome could you maybe do more town if salem? also love the vids they are THE BEST and could i get a shoutout

  • carlos Neira
    carlos Neira  6 months ago

    Dropsy you must do America's got talent 10/10 with singing

  • skullerman 500
    skullerman 500  6 months ago

    The cat in the thumb nail looks like my cat that died over the weekend, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Carter Gonzalez
    Carter Gonzalez  6 months ago

    I like dropsy's singing.

  • Ave C
    Ave C  6 months ago

    2:16 well it doesn't help when you don't aim below your target

  • Reanna Oliviel
    Reanna Oliviel  6 months ago

    He has been doing the wrong intro for days or no intro

  • FlyinTaz7
    FlyinTaz7  6 months ago

    Yeah a longer shell shock video

  • jammaz876
    jammaz876  6 months ago

    Astroneers? Pls maybe

  • ManlyMinotaur99 Gaming


  • luca7640 luca7640
    luca7640 luca7640  6 months ago

    Why is it when dropsy says something it’s bad luck but when she sneezes it gud

  • Lorraine Manoolal
    Lorraine Manoolal  6 months ago +1


  • Shucklezz
    Shucklezz  6 months ago

    suprised the title wasn't "NEW WEAPON PENTAGRAM"

  • Shucklezz
    Shucklezz  6 months ago

    what kind of car is it matt?

    ZEG WALKER  6 months ago

    Matt is garbo

  • AceBananaKing
    AceBananaKing  6 months ago

    Imagine being in a war and someone shoots a rainbow from their tank

  • Carter Sollars
    Carter Sollars  6 months ago

    Liar he said 200 damage but dealt 192 damage

  • gal wysboom
    gal wysboom  6 months ago

    13:29 jerome completely ignores the fact that he leveled up

  • Jordan Pek
    Jordan Pek  6 months ago

    Bad u should have x attacked him without the 2x

  • Random Rio
    Random Rio  6 months ago

    Ffs go back to the old intro