iPhone XS (parody)



  • angpug1
    angpug1  13 minutes ago

    Does the S stand for Susan?
    Dammit Susan.

  • 그냥사람
    그냥사람  22 minutes ago

    XS stands for eXpenSive

  • Biraj
    Biraj  38 minutes ago +1

    *Steve Jobs has left the chat*

  • Ethan Merritt
    Ethan Merritt  39 minutes ago

    Stupid video

  • Abdessamad El Hossaini
    Abdessamad El Hossaini  56 minutes ago

    who thinks huawei is the best of them all😂

  • Sir Erik
    Sir Erik  an hour ago

    Apple was amazing with Steve Jobs but now ehh...

  • Yassir Rossel
    Yassir Rossel  an hour ago

    Cheap? Apple? LOL

  • Kelly GreekFox
    Kelly GreekFox  an hour ago +1

    And here's me, ussing a Samsung.
    Jk I fucking hate Apple, these niggas are expensive af.

  • Insomniac 141
    Insomniac 141  2 hours ago

    "Auto white balance" *uses black woman for picture*

  • 1000 subs no video Just comments

    Same shit new year.

  • Garfield Vikernes
    Garfield Vikernes  3 hours ago

    Don't you think it's a bit XS-ive to keep buying all these new iPhones each year?

  • Valksonik
    Valksonik  3 hours ago

    XS stands for extremely shit.

  • bregehr
    bregehr  3 hours ago

    The new iphone is a bit XS-ive

  • Epke Gaming
    Epke Gaming  4 hours ago

    My whole life i had Apple but i tried Samsung for a while and it has waaaay more fearturs than even apple even maybe pc

  • LegitCharge
    LegitCharge  4 hours ago

    Samsung Galaxy for the win.

  • Fortnite Shadows
    Fortnite Shadows  4 hours ago

    0:05 hahahaha good joke

  • MrQuirkyKirk
    MrQuirkyKirk  5 hours ago

    No iPhone X2? Does that mean Zero is going to stay dead in this continuity?

  • AlphaR4
    AlphaR4  6 hours ago +1

    If you want a different way to commit suicide, buy Apple watch ;))))))))

  • HooperBrothers
    HooperBrothers  6 hours ago +1

    I’ve unsubscribed coz you’re just making fun of Apple to much. I used to love you as a YouTuber but you’ve disappointed me. Good bye 😢

  • Kylixion _
    Kylixion _  7 hours ago

    Susan why