CREEPIEST Abandoned Tunnels In The World!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 21, 2019
  • Check out the CREEPIEST Abandoned Tunnels That May Be Haunted! From urban exploring in abandoned subway tunnels to some other creepy haunted locations, this top 10 list of mysterious tunnels around the world will amaze you!

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    8. Burro Schmidt Tunnel
    Located in Copper Mountain in the Mojave Desert’s El Paso Range in California, the half-mile-long Burro Schmidt Tunnel was carved by hand starting in 1902 by William “Burro” H. Schmidt. He was a gold miner who needed a passage through the mountains to transport his ore.

    7. Dupont Circle Tunnels
    In Washington, DC, nearly a mile of deserted tunnels make up the abandoned underground trolley line known as the Dupont Underground. It’s located underneath the busy streets of Dupont Circle and was built in 1949. In 1962, the trolley system was shut down and replaced with buses, as plans for the Metro subway system were in the works.

    6. Clinton Railroad Tunnel
    The now-abandoned Clinton Railroad Tunnel was once the longest in Massachusetts. It was built during the early 1900’s along the Nashua River for the Boston and Maine Railroad as part of a rerouting plan that came along with the construction of the Wachusett Reservoir.

    5. The Belmont Tunnel
    The only rail tunnel in the entire state of Nebraska is located in the Pine Ridge area of Dawes County and is known as the Belmont Tunnel. Nebraska only ever had one rail tunnel because it is a mostly-flat state and there was no need for more of them.

    4. Moonville Tunnel
    Once part of the Marietta Cincinnati Railroad, the disused Moonville Tunnel is located in southeastern Ohio in the former mining town of Moonville. It cuts through a section of the Appalachian hillside and was built in 1856. Moonville was just one of hundreds of coal mining boom towns that once dotted the region.

    3. Sensabaugh Tunnel
    Deep along the winding, narrow back roads outside the city center of Kingsport, Tennessee, there’s a tunnel set into what was once a hill. It’s called the Sensabaugh Tunnel and it was built during the 1920’s, when the hill was blasted apart to make way for a roadbend.

    2. Twin Tunnels
    The Twin Tunnels are a set of three tunnels passing beneath a set of railroad tracks in rural Chester County, Pennsylvania. One tunnel carries traffic, another is empty, and a tributary of the Brandywine Creek flows through the third tunnel. The middle tunnel, which traffic passes through, is dark, even during the day.

    1. Church Hill Tunnel
    The Church Hill Tunnel is a sealed train tunnel underneath Jefferson Park in Richmond, Virginia. It was built in 1873 and was already considered obsolete when it was abandoned in 1902. The city of Richmond attempted to reclaim the 4,000-foot-long tunnel in 1925, but a 190-foot section of it collapsed while it was being worked on, as a ten-car locomotive was passing through.

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