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  • Published on:  Friday, March 30, 2018
  • Welcome, my dear friends 🖤
    This music is ideal for background music at work, while studying, playing games or just for sleeping:

    Art by Ilya Kuvshinov

    _____________________ 🖤🖤🖤

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    00:00 Psalm Trees - Wherever You Are
    02:04 Joe Corfield - Wildflower
    04:30 BIDØ - [cherry].
    07:05 〘 E I S U 〙 - Alone
    09:16 BIDØ - good(bye).
    10:05 . Uzu - was I the one
    12:17 beowulf - nature walk
    14:15 Bonus Points - Sleepwalking
    16:55 fudasca - winter vibes (feat. micmole)
    18:45 sarcastic sounds & beowulf - in my eyes
    20:20 slanot_G - Emotion
    22:38 fudasca - her smile is the reason why im still trying
    24:45 FRIENDZONE - 8AM
    28:35 BIDØ - [burning.forest]

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    Psalm Trees
    Joe Corfield
    〘 E I S U 〙
    Bonus Points
    sarcastic sounds

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  • Katelyn Nicholson
    Katelyn Nicholson  2 months ago +3

    idk what kind of power this holds but this makes me want to keep doing my homework and finish it up and do a good job. are you a sorcerer?

  • Elysha Beth
    Elysha Beth  2 months ago

    I love it so much :)

  • Kei Tachibana
    Kei Tachibana  3 months ago

    Your channel always becomes an oasis to escape my stressful life.
    I usually listen to your channel's videos while working, it keeps me stay awake even when I have a lot of sleepless nights.

    Thank you and keep it up! 💙

    Ps: for anyone who's still working until 5am like me right now, good luck! 💛

  • Stepharn Ramsay
    Stepharn Ramsay  3 months ago

    Nice Lodi really good

  • Melissa Nelson
    Melissa Nelson  5 months ago

    I really appreciate your work, no ads cool playlist. Thank you so much!

  • PlanetAlex
    PlanetAlex  6 months ago

    goodnight everyone (:

  • Pedro El diablo
    Pedro El diablo  10 months ago

    10:20 scream YOUR NAME

  • Mxlxoka 123
    Mxlxoka 123  a years ago +1

    Damn Dreamy you’re just amazing

  • Viktorya Fox
    Viktorya Fox  a years ago

    thanks 🌹

  • Jamie Gilbert
    Jamie Gilbert  a years ago

    This mix has pretty much all of my fave study songs in one, thank you ❤️

  • Amany Abo-Aly
    Amany Abo-Aly  a years ago

    i have a final exam tomorrow and i'm currently studying to this.i hope i do well in the exam

  • Stefanos Bamopoulos

    Thanks Dreamy! Really like the song titles inside the video

  • Hanna Fox
    Hanna Fox  a years ago

    Thanks for your mix. I just love it so much

  • Malkia
    Malkia  a years ago

    Love the listing of the names of the songs.

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R  a years ago

    thanks for helping me throw a bumpy come down :)

  • muzz Reggae
    muzz Reggae  a years ago

    Joder!!! Me gusta demasiado esta música... desde hace unos meses que la escuché, no la dejo.

  • itsjustlyric
    itsjustlyric  a years ago

    I love the Japanese incorporated in there ;)

  • Annette Park
    Annette Park  a years ago +1


  • Carmen Hoh
    Carmen Hoh  a years ago

    10:20 is that from your name or is it just me

  • Zackory Conway
    Zackory Conway  a years ago +1