Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Camaro ZL1 Part 17



  • EAS 1972  (Nov 25, 2018))

    I wouldn't waste money on the absorber unless it is functionally damaged. Scratches wont hurt the structural integrity and it's not seen.

  • Tuokool  (Nov 27, 2018))

    ​ Brotherdeath69 is right, IF you want the result better than OEM....

  • Brotherdeath69  (Nov 25, 2018))

    The absorber is actually visible through the grill.

  • Mike Naumovski  (Nov 25, 2018))

    Thomas sold the canard for food because he was working overtime editing those videos :D

  • Gregg Kiest  (Nov 25, 2018))

    Mike. Thomas looks like he’s eating well. You might be onto something. 😂

  • Tr Brian  (Nov 25, 2018))

    Thomas is getting so big!! I remember when he was a little kitten!!

  • Lam Derek  (Jan 23, 2019))


  • michael crawford  (Nov 26, 2018))

    Such a chill cat

  • Sébastien Dorfeuille  (Nov 25, 2018))

    Man since the explosion of this channel i've seen so many others trying to do the same. Keep it going guys your work inspire others that's how you know you're doing it right

  • Sébastien Dorfeuille  (Nov 27, 2018))

    +Two Car Garage exactly

  • Two Car Garage  (Nov 25, 2018))

    They’re not the first channel to rebuild cars lol. But I must say, they are one of the best.

  • Brent Richards  (Nov 25, 2018))

    Should paint the front lip. Flat black is nice, but not when all the other black is gloss.

  • G00R00  (Nov 26, 2018))

    +goonzquad and shade that lateral orange thing please

  • Keith P  (Nov 26, 2018))

    I agree, you have to many black finishes going on, I would have went carbon fiber on the top and the front spoiler to match the hood insert.

  • Andy Rocal  (Nov 25, 2018))

    Finally I saw Thomas 🙀

  • mikolanimator  (Nov 25, 2018))

    Can’t wait till the next episode of the Viper comes out. Good job guys 👍

  • Eric Inboden  (Nov 25, 2018))

    Not to be nit picky, but , I would kinda clean up all the parts and places before you assemble. It turned out BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!

  • Skippy roo  (Nov 26, 2018))

    6:52 well done my friend finally said taken In stead of tooken I'VE been trying to get you to say it correctly for months haha 😂👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you

  • Auto Auction Rebuilds  (Nov 25, 2018))

    Dang guys that thing is better than OEM.

  • Thomas Geist  (Nov 25, 2018))

    i agree, you two are doing better than the factory