Rebuilding A Wrecked 2018 Camaro ZL1 Part 17

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 25, 2018
  • Have you ever wanted to rebuild a wrecked car? Well here at the goonzquad channel we show what it takes! There are many bumps in the road when rebuilding a salvaged car, so be sure to take notes and also learn from our mistakes. We have made it to the grand finale of the process, where it get super exciting. Watch as we piece this 2018 Camaro ZL1 back together! Thanks For Watching!!!-GOONZQUAD T-Shirts: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


  • Mike Naumovski
    Mike Naumovski  8 months ago +185

    Thomas sold the canard for food because he was working overtime editing those videos :D

  • Tr Brian
    Tr Brian  8 months ago +89

    Thomas is getting so big!! I remember when he was a little kitten!!

  • Sébastien Dorfeuille
    Sébastien Dorfeuille  8 months ago +83

    Man since the explosion of this channel i've seen so many others trying to do the same. Keep it going guys your work inspire others that's how you know you're doing it right

  • mikolanimator
    mikolanimator  8 months ago +22

    Can’t wait till the next episode of the Viper comes out. Good job guys 👍

  • Tree trimmer82
    Tree trimmer82  8 months ago +116

    Too the 41 that dislike this video why !!!! these guys our young hard workers that have a great channel just trying too make a living i guess it must be jealously

  • Brent Richards
    Brent Richards  8 months ago +42

    Should paint the front lip. Flat black is nice, but not when all the other black is gloss.

  • Andy Rocal
    Andy Rocal  8 months ago +25

    Finally I saw Thomas 🙀

  • Eric Inboden
    Eric Inboden  8 months ago +7

    Not to be nit picky, but , I would kinda clean up all the parts and places before you assemble. It turned out BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!

  • 406 nova
    406 nova  8 months ago +1

    You should get some Racks To keep small parts organized in off the floor Otherwise it's looking great

  • E Sullivan
    E Sullivan  8 months ago +95

    I wouldn't waste money on the absorber unless it is functionally damaged. Scratches wont hurt the structural integrity and it's not seen.

  • Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties

    I can’t remember when I subbed to you guys But I made sure to hit that bell 👍
    Amazing videos

  • Bruningable
    Bruningable  8 months ago +1

    This Camaro looks sooo good! Extraordinary design! Chevrolet did a fantastic job! And so did you guys! Another great build! Congratulations!

  • Deshawn Typical
    Deshawn Typical  8 months ago +1

    What’s up loving the video👍🏾🔥🤗

  • Ryan Manzi
    Ryan Manzi  8 months ago +24

    I miss the days when you guys would clean everything when you put parts back on. It drives me crazy when you put parts over your wet sanding mess. Lol

  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds  8 months ago +144

    Dang guys that thing is better than OEM.

  • The Judge
    The Judge  8 months ago +1

    Just wrap the Mirrors Carbon fiber. I think that will look great!

  • Hacker Slapper
    Hacker Slapper  8 months ago +1

    Hey after the viper can you do a supra? I really would watch that content

  • Hoodie Boy
    Hoodie Boy  8 months ago +3

    I’m so F**** exited for the camaro to be done

  • Thomas Murphy
    Thomas Murphy  8 months ago

    I Frickin Love It! You Guy's Are Straight Professionals, Peace

  • marcus23
    marcus23  8 months ago +1

    Stay cracking out videos, best channel on the tube