Jeffrey Epstein And Trump Are Proof Billionaires Can Get Away With ANYTHING

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 13, 2019
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    Via ROF Podcast:

    Heather Digby Parton, contributor for Salon, joins Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder, to talk about Jeffrey Epstein, Trump, and how billionaires can get away with anything.

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  • Quartz Hyalos
    Quartz Hyalos  1 months ago

    According to one victim he didn't work. And this was a period of six months! She said the only thing he did was abuse them sexually. So he was playacting while 'incarcerated'.

    If Trump wasn't rich (allegedly) and a president, he would live in an asylum, in the closed ward

    The only good thing that comes out of the Trump Era is that the people of the US take their power back. Ideally, it should be like this. Was your constitution drawn up to protect only the rich? The colony America was created to escape the monarchy of England. The US citizens are bowing to a new monarchy, for so long now. Basically Trump tells people over and over again: Let them eat cake.

  • David S
    David S  6 months ago

    Please do a report on how Dr. Robert Epstein and Jeffeey Epstein are two different people and how one (Robert) is testifying in congress in front of Ted Cruz while  the other is a role playing shill working with the elites to create sensationalist media stories to drowned out what should be the biggest story on earth and can affect each and every one of our lives forever in a bad way. Billionaire Jeffery Epstein walked in 2008 and will likely walk again but it works out quite well because he gets a few billion more for appearing on film for a while and can go right back to his perverse lifestyle as long as nobody pays attention to what Dr Rober Epstein is warning us about.  In fact Dr Epstein has put his life on the line to break from the norm to bring out the info. Dems would call him a traitor I say true blue blooded patriot.

  • Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones

    It is sad that so many people realize that billionaires and millionaires have know for over a 100 years that “money talks and bullshit walks.”

  • TheAileZX2
    TheAileZX2  6 months ago

    "It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining. The flowers are blooming. On days like today, a bunch of billionaires and billionaire politicians like yourself...... SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL. *slams Trump with all 8 pieces of evidence against Trump in a single day.*"-Nadler

  • Randall Bong
    Randall Bong  6 months ago


  • Frantz Ambroise
    Frantz Ambroise  6 months ago

    The Judge declared the non prosecution agreement illegal but didn't nullify it why?

  • Alfred Degiorgio
    Alfred Degiorgio  6 months ago

    Trump has adopted the sickening/infantile gesture of hugging (?) the American flag before audiences of his adoring deaf-blind-and-dumb rabble. They are so dumb they don't realize that he's actually “humping” the stars-and-stripes in the same way that he is humping our country! They applaud his stupid posturing, meant to imply that he loves our country when, in fact, Trump has only ever loved himself! Always has, always will! Not hugging, just humping!

  • ES 2020
    ES 2020  6 months ago +1

    Americans fixate so hard on blaming leaders for the nations problems.
    It is no wonder our nation is a diseased cesspit of corruption and immorality.
    Most of the U.S. Citizens have direct responsibility on voting, activism, direct action, protest and vigilance.
    If Non-Americans criticize us, some Americans say "Ordinary American people had nothing to do with the problem."
    Trump is NOT the core problem,..he is just the Sympton of all chronic problems in America, and We(You) are the problem.

  • ES 2020
    ES 2020  6 months ago +2

    The Rich in American Oligarchy System have the right to be immune from severe sentence.

  • David Muhs
    David Muhs  6 months ago +1

    How about some proof about Trump! Rude awakening coming for all of you!

    PAVANZYL  6 months ago

    Beware of guilt by association.

  • Leigh Foulkes
    Leigh Foulkes  6 months ago

    The guy sounds like he was pimp (maybe running a honeypot), you know people enabled him and/or used his services but no one else is crashing down with him?!

  • Lethgar Smith
    Lethgar Smith  6 months ago +1

    The more wealth a person has the more severe their punishment should be.
    It is unjust that a poor working man gets a speeding ticket worth 2/3 of his bi-weekly paycheck while a doctor can pay the same fine with the equivalent of his kid's weekly allowance.
    In addition, a crime committed by a poor person is often the result of the poverty they have lived in their entire lives whereas a wealthy person who commits a crime of theft is acting out of a much higher degree of greed and avarice than someone holding up a convenience store. For some reason society perceives the crimes committed by the poor as a much greater threat than crimes committed by the wealthy. Even though the wealthy have the power to create for more havoc and devastation with their greed.

  • Eachoneteachone
    Eachoneteachone  6 months ago +1

    So only wealthy individuals can get away with anything, . If your wealthy, elderly, sick and Black, your going to prison. Bill Crosby allegedly coercion adult woman into nefarious situation decades ago. Ohh that's right he's Black and he was sentenced to prison. Didn't shoot nobody no one died. But the fifth avenue rule did not apply to him. Amazing how the dominant society, pundits, callers and opinionists do not recognize this!!! And frankly do not care. Yes everthing under white supremacy is about color. Pissed!!!!

  • Thomas Hyle
    Thomas Hyle  6 months ago

    proof that the Yuppie scum we allow to work in government will ALLOW billionaires to get away with anything

  • Kaza ddum
    Kaza ddum  6 months ago +1

    The best justiary system money can buy.

  • HeavierThanLight
    HeavierThanLight  6 months ago

    Solve this border crisis thing and get 'm off the executive privilege FAST!!

  • Michael Pondo
    Michael Pondo  6 months ago

    Of all people these evangelicals had ti pick a wicked asshole to vote for prez. They d vote for the devil ti get control. Oh wait they did. Dick tater. Must go.

  • Giancarlo Leon
    Giancarlo Leon  6 months ago

    LOL IM DYING. The right calls Biden a pedo. But trump locker room talk and I’m guessing this is just bro hobbies too or maybe what? Lol

  • Iso Gh0sted
    Iso Gh0sted  6 months ago

    When you're a pedophile criminal running a child prostitution ring during your "work release" from federal prison.