Genaille-Lucas Rulers

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 10, 2018
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  • Spy
    Spy  a years ago +2081

    "I know the password to this channel and can upload whatever I want" michael's gone rogue he's unstoppable

  • The Trammell
    The Trammell  a years ago +1552

    Michael's toy is a dong.
    Michael likes to play with his toy.
    We like to watch Michael play with his dong.

  • DiceDecides
    DiceDecides  a years ago +842

    when the teacher says you can't bring a calculator to the math exam

  • Varun Kate
    Varun Kate  a years ago +2357

    Examiner During Math Exam: Why do you have so many rulers??

  • Ignat
    Ignat  8 months ago +134

    I love episodes of WONG
    Watch Michael play with his toys

    PUDPUDDEMON  a years ago +687


  • VenusTheBun
    VenusTheBun  10 months ago +85

    Why do i have so many rulers you may ask? To measure my dongs

  • Sylthsaber
    Sylthsaber  a years ago +290

    "And i rolled a 0" no you rolled a 10...

  • The dinosaur mars society 000000

    Gets out of white windowless van

  • Breeka
    Breeka  a years ago +2952

    "I know the password to this channel and can upload anything I want,"
    I found this hilarious!

    KJUSTICEK  a years ago +68

    "You can watch me play with my toys online for free" in other words, michael is a webcam model

  • adel faidah
    adel faidah  10 months ago +47

    Micheal is probably the only you-tuber that i would listen to him advertising the sponsor.
    1- because he actually picks interesting things to advertise.
    2- its the Vsause voice that we all love and cant get enough of.
    3- Micheal has done so much for us that i feel its disrespectful to not at least hear him out.
    4- I need to hear him say "And as always, thanks for watching" and skipping to the end of the video feels like cheating.

  • Jakob Gibhardt
    Jakob Gibhardt  2 months ago +28

    You sure meant that your toy is a DING. Cause I never knew anything about a channel called dong, it was always called ding

  • Christian Nicholas
    Christian Nicholas  a years ago +81

    michael's toy is a DONG
    me : 2:07

  • Trenton Pottruff
    Trenton Pottruff  6 months ago +8

    "I know the password to this channel and can upload anything I want"
    Confirmed, Michael forgot the password to VSauce

  • Greenish
    Greenish  10 months ago +17

    “Hey, would you like to play with my toys?”
    Annnnnnnd restraining order

  • Nathan Mate
    Nathan Mate  10 months ago +11

    "I learned to edit my videos"
    >The music cuts abruptly at the end, instead of fading

  • Tiago Pesce
    Tiago Pesce  a years ago +11

    In D10 the 0 stands for 10th side

  • Jcacoob Whittaboy
    Jcacoob Whittaboy  a years ago +542

    "You can watch me play with my toys, online, for free, and they are, by definiton, a dong."
    Can we just take some time to immortalize this quote?

  • Arbiter
    Arbiter  a years ago +226

    too stoned, can't math