Rachel Brosnahan's New Year's Monologue - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 19, 2019


  • Mars O'Bedlam
    Mars O'Bedlam  7 months ago +153

    Pretty impressive that SNL still doesn't know how to put YouTube videos in a specific order.

  • Anal Queen
    Anal Queen  7 months ago +536

    She should have come out as Mrs. Maisel and done a complete stand-up monologue, missed opportunity!

  • charlotte d
    charlotte d  7 months ago +122

    They really did her wrong with that washed out thumbnail lol

  • Tobe Doss
    Tobe Doss  7 months ago +184

    Did she just aknowledge she's often confused with Evan Rachel Wood? I have never thought of that, but they look kinda alike...

  • Zijun Li
    Zijun Li  7 months ago +125

    Cecily got taaaaaaanned!

  • Internatube
    Internatube  7 months ago +21

    Who hires Mrs. Maisel to do an opening monologue and gives her no material for a Stand Up?

  • Charlie Salzman
    Charlie Salzman  7 months ago +101

    So you get the star of a show about a rising stand up comic and then not have so stand up this is mishugina

  • Hylian Ticipated
    Hylian Ticipated  7 months ago +56

    How they gonna do Kyle like that...

  • LobsterJim
    LobsterJim  7 months ago +137

    Mrs Maisel on SNL: Top 10 Greatest Crossover Episodes of All Time?

  • steven alvarez
    steven alvarez  7 months ago +300

    Congrats to Kenan for his Weight Loss!!!

  • Young Chuy 23
    Young Chuy 23  7 months ago +35

    Bro kenan is aging backwards

  • Sushant Thapa
    Sushant Thapa  7 months ago +88

    I never got to go and its closed.

  • Depth217
    Depth217  7 months ago +32

    Cecily keeps getting thicker and I’m here for it 😍🍑

  • Abdullah Sabir
    Abdullah Sabir  7 months ago +28

    Is Europe like over

  • Rocca Flocca
    Rocca Flocca  7 months ago +25

    Krokodil is old. But it's true, you should absolutely not ever Google that.

  • Karan Gera
    Karan Gera  7 months ago +34

    Words can't describe how hot Rachel Brosnahan is, Ayiyiyi.

  • WESTdna Destiny
    WESTdna Destiny  7 months ago +26

    We got 2002 Keenan back y'all!!!

  • M W.
    M W.  7 months ago +18

    Justice for Kyle!

  • Mrpamperedpassions
    Mrpamperedpassions  7 months ago +53

    Yeah baby they are back!🎥⭐️

  • LibHunk
    LibHunk  7 months ago +43

    To those Federal Workers who are Trump voters.
    Wish you a Dinner.