Water Bottle Flip Edition | Dude Perfect

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 18, 2016
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  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep  1 months ago +1078

    August 2019 anyone?

  • SawyerGoda72
    SawyerGoda72  1 months ago +477

    Anyone watching this in August 2019 even though bottle flipping isn’t cool anymore
    My youtube is growing fast! Check it out

  • Gulab B
    Gulab B  7 days ago +141

    Who wants them to reveal panda's face like here

  • Gemüse TV
    Gemüse TV  1 months ago +253

    Dude Perfect have a Talent! Cool Video Love u!
    1 Like = 1 Cookie for Dude Perfect

  • Allyson Day
    Allyson Day  2 years ago +1387

    Your videos never get old!

  • GREEN bay packer fan
    GREEN bay packer fan  3 days ago +8

    watching cody dab at 2:16 is just so funny watching in 2019 idk why

  • Sam Vines
    Sam Vines  2 months ago +312

    Who’s here in 2019 where bottle flips are dead?

  • Eli_Packes_HD
    Eli_Packes_HD  21 days ago +121

    Anyone here after Bottle flip is dead
    2019 ?

  • Miles Artha
    Miles Artha  1 months ago +52

    Garret’s blooper at the end lol

  • Aathif Hamzath
    Aathif Hamzath  2 months ago +1637

    Anyone in 2019 watching this🤣😂😂😂(1.2k likes for dp in 2019)💕

  • Elijah Dyck NPE
    Elijah Dyck NPE  3 days ago +2

    It's kinda funny that water bottle flip edition 2 has 2 times more views than bottle flip edition 1. And bottle flip 1 has been out 2 times longer.

  • aryushur
    aryushur  2 days ago +3

    my favorit is me skinny rail teickshot

  • PinHead GG
    PinHead GG  3 days ago +3

    I love how they did 15 bottle flips and that's amazing did 2,500

  • DuoLingo
    DuoLingo  2 months ago +14

    3:10 the bottle standing on top like a champion

  • Dame Dolla
    Dame Dolla  3 years ago +488

    Love u guys but never dab again. Please.

  • Shafiq Malik
    Shafiq Malik  3 days ago +2

    Who would like to see panda face

  • Shane Fernandez
    Shane Fernandez  7 days ago +8

    2:16 looking like professor hulk with that dab

  • Peter Rico
    Peter Rico  yesterday +1

    2:22 i can do that one i did it two times in a row because i landed a cap flip but my brother did not believe me so i did it again and it ACTUALLY WORKED

  • It's Your Conscience Speaking!

    Bottle flipping and dabbing unironically
    Very cool

  • Nico Jayawangsa
    Nico Jayawangsa  3 years ago +375

    waiting to see Dude Perfect fails compilation